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Here's when calories really matter 

The divide continues to grow between those who swear by the “calories in vs. calories out” method and those who tout that body composition changes will come by following a nutrient-dense whole-food diet. When counseling clients, starting out many of them have these types of pre-conceived beliefs on how they should be losing weight or making changes to their body composition overall. Acknowledging calories continue to be a hot topic of conversation, we’ll dive into the science of calories, the complexity of them and when they really matter.

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Why a Calorie Isn’t Just a Calorie

Fat, carb, protein - does it really matter what form a calorie comes in? 

In the tidy little illusion of calorie math, no. We treat calories like currency – all totals being equal whether counted in coins, bills, or silver bars.

Yet, is a calorie really a calorie, no matter the form or source? Under all conditions to all individuals at all times?

We tend to think this way. Yet, the science begs to differ. 


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