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More Support for Ditching the “Calories In, Calories Out” Concept

The calorie balance equation may very well be the most repeated piece of weight management misinformation there is. The majority of supposed public health “experts” consistently go on the record suggesting the obesity problem we’re faced with in most of the developed world is a result of people eating too many calories and not exercising enough. They say we consume too much and expend too little. Put another way, we’re gluttons and sloths. Many people would be surprised to find out there is little actual research to support this idea.

Taking this concept a step further, it becomes the basis for many weight loss programs. Use a very old equation based on many assumptions about the human body to determine how many calories an individual burns during the day. Then make assumptions about the number they burn through

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The Futility of Low-Calorie Diets

Two weeks ago, we reviewed 14 Ways to Get Fatter. Most people aren’t looking to actually gain body fat, but it can sometimes be more powerful to see what you are doing to yourself and the impact it can have, rather than talk about the things you should do to reverse it. There’s another reason I wanted to get that article out, though. It was to help you understand there are more reasons people gain body fat than gluttony and sloth. Conventional wisdom today still suggests people get fat because they eat too much or they are lazy, but research does not support that point of view.


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Isn't it time to stop counting calories?

As you walk through the grocery store, pay attention to the products screaming their calorie content at you. Hundred calorie snack packs, cereal, non-fat yogurt and highly-processed fat-free cheese are just a few of the products that boast their low calorie content. But when did we become so stuck on the idea that weight loss is as easy as filling your tank with just the right number of calories each day? And if it’s all about calories, why can’t people develop the same physiques by eating all their calories from jelly beans or double quarter pound cheese burgers rather than chicken salads or garden omelets?

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