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5 “Must-Know” Facts for Bone Health

The mighty skeletal system: it’s the protector of organs, manufacturer of blood cells, reservoir for mineral stores, provider of structure, and even functioning component of the endocrine system.

Yet, it appears our bone health is getting short shrift.

With osteoporosis affecting 1 out of 10 women over the age of 50, and 20% of hip fracture patients dying within a year of injury, it’s safe to say we need to prioritize our skeletal strength.

Additionally, we need to reassess the assumptions we may have about what supports good bone maintenance. Read on for 5 must-know strategies to support lifelong bone health today.


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Saturday Web Roundup - 12/17/11

Interesting articles, studies and other stuff from around the web for the week of December 11. Enjoy!

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Cal/Mag 1001

Got calcium? Most Americans try to, in fact, calcium to this day is one of the most popular purchased supplements on the market. But are you aware of the importance magnesium has when it comes to your...

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Is Dairy Your Best Source of Calcium?

More than ever, consumers are second guessing if milk really “does a body good.” If much of our population is sensitive to dairy, should milk continue to be recommended as the gold standard in order to meet calcium needs?

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July Fitness & Nutrition Bites

Here is the July list of some interesting, random health and fitness studies that have come out. They are topics that may not require a full article, but are still worth reviewing. Enjoy!

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