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10 Money Saving Tips for Healthy Eating

“I would eat healthy if I could afford it.” It’s common, albeit self-defeating, reasoning. While it’s true that eating healthily doesn’t come “cheap,” poor health isn’t exactly inexpensive either.  A Healthy Way of Life begins with the importance of mindset. That means making a commitment to seeing – and striving for – what’s possible. This said, the possible happens in the practical – the day to day choices we make and changes we embrace. The spectrum of eating, for example, is vast and extensive, ranging from extremely unhealthy with very little nutrient intake to optimally nourishing with nothing artificially processed and everything whole-food based. Currently, you are somewhere on that spectrum. Think about where you would like to be instead. Let yourself be ambitious. Finances are one of the basic resources that inevitably influence our health journey. With some creative thinking and new shopping practices, however, they don’t have to impose as significant a limitation as we might imagine. Read on to see which of these tips you can start incorporating today to set you on the path to healthier living.

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