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Top Transformations of 2018

Another year has come and gone and it’s safe to say that 2018 has been filled to the brim with inspirational stories of people accomplishing their health and fitness goals. While each transformation is different in its own unique way, they have all been the result of everyday people who had the will the start and the discipline to continue no matter their circumstances. 

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How to Optimize Exercise for Better Body Composition

Transforming your body is no easy task. The food shopping, meal prep, meal timing and food tracking can be more tiresome than the workouts for many – not to mention the right supplements, strict sleep habits, and careful avoidance of tempting social pressures. 

But what about those workouts? 

Raise your hand if you’re exercising regularly but seeing little or no changes in your body composition. Let me tell you that I’ve been there too. 

No doubt, achieving and maintaining optimal body composition is a huge endeavor. It requires walking that fine line between metabolic and mechanical stress (appropriately challenging workouts) and adequate recovery (nourishment, rest and recovery activity). 

The major positive here is you’ve already got time set aside for exercise. That’s often half the battle. Now let’s talk about optimizing your gym time - and your body comp transformation!


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