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Is Drinking Alcohol Healthy?

Although not everyone partakes, two-thirds of Americans drink alcohol. Those who drink average four drinks per week. 

We've all seen the headlines suggesting moderate alcohol consumption can aid heart health in particular. But is this all we need to know?

What are the real health benefits, and and what are the lesser disclosed drawbacks? 

When we know the full picture, we can make the best choice whether we'll choose to imbibe or abstain.


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5 Days to a Real Food Diet

How much of the food you ate today was "real"?

One of the most critical strategies for losing weight, increasing your energy and improving the way you look and feel is eating real, whole, naturally occuring foods.

Not only are we sparing ourselves the chemical ingredients, added sugars, and processed oils and fillers, but with real foods, we're invariably and dramatically upgrading our actual nutrient intake.

The result? We'll optimally fuel our bodies - and our metabolisms. 

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Which Comes First - Diet or Exercise?

It’s a chicken-egg kind of question for many people. Diet or exercise: which is the bigger priority to initially tackle? Will one be a logical gateway to the other?

Some people imagine their unhealthy eating habits stand in the way of having enough energy to exercise. Maybe if they could “diet” to lose weight first, workouts would be easier.

On the other hand, some people believe the mental and physical “boost” offered by exercise is the easier “sell” and will encourage them over time to invest in healthier eating.

In the midst of the inner debate, what does real world experience suggest? To boot, what does research actually have to say about the question?


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You Are Your Greatest Obstacle

Pursuing a healthy way of life is no easy task, especially if it hasn’t been a priority for much of your life.

As you start treading down the path toward health, undoubtedly the biggest obstacle you will encounter is yourself.

Of the 10+ years I’ve been with Life Time, the majority of them were working in the club as a personal trainer or in some type of personal training management. During that time, I did hundreds, if not thousands, of consultations. I’d talk about goals and obstacles and action plans with those who were ready to take their first steps toward health.

As I spoke to individuals about their way forward, some people were excited and ready to go. Not everyone though. For those who weren’t eager to start on their healthy way of life journey, I was often met with one of three reactions. In some shape or form, they would tell me one of three messages: “I won’t,” “I can’t,” or “I’m afraid to try.”


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Challenge Check-in: 6 Strategies for the Midpoint

It’s the official midpoint, folks. Does it seem possible? How would you describe your Challenge experience so far? What’s been your biggest success? How would you rate your overall progress? What do you think you could improve upon? Midpoint is the perfect time to assess and realign with your goals in order to pave the way for greater success in these final weeks. Whether you’re happy with the progress you’ve made or want to kickstart new efforts, use what you’ve learned and commit to making the remaining weeks your best yet! Check out these 6 strategies for energizing the second half of your 90-Day journey!


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10 Ways to Prime Yourself for Good Choices

Some weeks it’s easy to get caught up in going to bed late, eating on the run, and rushing to make deadlines that steal our workout time. In response, many of us are quick to simply say, “I’ll begin again on Monday.” New week, fresh start--right? In doing so we put off getting back on the horse, perhaps forgoing days of potentially healthy choices. A new week isn’t going to make the difference when we don’t change something about ourselves. Challenges in our journeys are inevitable. What we can do is set ourselves up for success by making our healthy intentions front and center in our lives. That can mean organizing our schedules around our health priorities whenever possible but also prompting ourselves in creative ways to act on our intentions. Here are ten strategies to prime yourself for healthy choices every day. 

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8 Reasons You May Have Uncontrolled Cravings

See if this sounds familiar. You take on a nutrition and exercise program (dare I say “weight loss” program). You’ve got all kinds of enthusiasm, commitment and diligence going for you. In preparation, you’ve read dozens of blog posts. You’ve consulted with a personal trainer and/or dietitian or nutritionist. You’ve ransacked your cupboards and refrigerator to get rid of all the junk and filled them with Healthy Way of Eating foods. Maybe you’ve even prepared your meals in bulk the night before to save yourself time on that first day. You follow the plan precisely on that first Monday. You fit in a workout and even take supplements. You finish the day filled with a major sense of accomplishment. In fact, you can’t wait to do it again on Tuesday, then again on Wednesday. By Thursday morning, you’re short on pre-planned foods but do your best to make something quick. You stick close to your plan, but it isn’t as perfect. On Friday, you’re feeling good about your first week’s success. You go to lunch with a friend and “treat” yourself. In the moment it sounds okay, but you don’t feel as good that afternoon and maybe give into another off-plan meal for dinner. The weekend comes, and you’re out of the routine. In fact, you fall completely off your plan but make an effort to try again on Monday.

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