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5 Factors That Influence Gut Health

Nearly 1 in 3 Americans suffers from gut health issues of some kind.

The human gut (a.k.a. intestinal tract) is the most populated ecosystem in nature and one of the most critical factors in our health!

Our gut bacteria stimulate the development of the immune system, help digest food, regulate bowels, produce certain vitamins and protect against infection. In fact , it was recently referred to as a “super organ” due to its diverse roles in health and disease prevention.

When the balance of good and bad bacteria in our gut is disrupted, we’re at higher risk for a range of conditions, including inflammatory bowel disease, asthma, allergies and cancer.

Disease risk aside, gut health can influence our metabolic function and basic well-being. For many of my clients, it wasn’t until they got their gut health in check through dietary and lifestyle changes that they realized what feeling truly “normal” and healthy was like. Check out the following 5 factors (among many!) that influence our gut health.


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What to Eat When…

In the course of our established routines, we may do well in sticking with our Healthy Way of Eating intentions. 

Until an unexpected situation throws us for a loop....

What you do during these scenarios over time will determine your success because it's critical to have a mindset - perhaps even more than a plan - that seeks out the healthiest options possible within every situation. 

Check out these eight scenarios for tips on how to maintain your goals during typical "problem" times.


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Inside a Kitchen Makeover: Top Tools and Tips to Overhaul Your Diet

Is your kitchen setting you up for success? 

First, think about the food you have on hand - how it's stored, how visible it is, whether it's already prepped. How often does your healthy fare actually get eaten?

Now consider the equipment you own. Does it make cooking easy and streamlined, or does it leave you frustrated or uninspired at the end of a long day?

The process of upgrading your diet involves more than just food choices at each meal. It's a process of shifting eating routines, adjusting shopping lists and even (in many cases) transforming our eating environments, including our kitchens!

Learn how to let your kitchen work for you! Check out these tips and tools that can help you create the kitchen environment that will better support your healthy intentions. 


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8 Ideal Foods You’re Not Eating

You know the general guidelines for the Healthy Way of Eating, but how can you maximize the good you get out of every meal?

The answer can be the specific foods you choose.

Some foods naturally have more nutritional bang for the buck so to speak. Let these “ideal” choices help you optimize your nutrient intake and health gains!

I challenge you to add at least one of the following (if not all!) to your healthy eating regimen and reap the benefits.

Whether you’re just beginning your weight loss/health journey or you’ve been committed for years, these eight foods can offer a boost to your everyday efforts.


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How Well Is Your Body Absorbing Nutrients?

Stumped and beyond frustrated at why you’re not losing those last few pounds?

Have you changed your eating habits but still experience unwanted digestive symptoms? Maybe you're simply taking a genuine interest in your health for 2015 and want to make sure you're getting the most out of your dietary efforts.

Whatever your current reason or starting place, it's important to know the factors that affect our bodies' ability to absorb the nutrients we need. Shockingly, many of the factors that impede absorption include things we do or consume on a daily basis. The result? We're not running on all cylinders, and our metabolisms are attempting to operate in a chronically impaired state.

Check out these seven factors that could be impacting your body’s ability to absorb nutrients, and read what you can do to get your food's full nutritional benefit!


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How You Can Learn to Love Exercise 

Long ago our prehistoric (and even pre-Industrial) ancestors had to be active. Life simply required it. Today all of our transportation and convenience options can make most activity seem obsolete.

However much our societies have evolved, the human body is still physically the same. Regardless of the seeming inconguity, we remain wired to optimally function with regular activity.

Without the pull of necessity, how can we push ourselves to not only do exercise but actually enjoy it? (The more fun we have, after all, the more motivated we'll be to stay on the path.) Check out these attitude adjusters and logistical strategies to help you learn to love your workouts more.


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What You Should Know about Resistant Starch 

Not everything you know about starch is necessarily correct. 

With regard to starch, our minds tend to wander to those blood sugar spikes, the insulin overload, and the inevitable energy crashes - not to mention their ability to stop efficient fat loss dead in its tracks.

For starchy carbs, these associations would be mostly correct - albeit incomplete. There's more to the story, it seems.

Consider for a moment that one kind of starch may be a boon to your gut health and perhaps even an aid to your weight loss endeavors.

Enter the concept of resistant starch. What is it, how does it work, and what could it offer you? Read on to find out more.


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