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6 Weeks, 6 Habits: Are YOU Ready to Transform Your Body?

What would you anticipate are the six most potent changes you can make for real transformation? 

Do your thoughts tend toward the extreme? Slashing calories? Exercising hours a day? Depriving yourself of great food or regular fun? 

What if I told you none of those even begin to make this list? What if I said true transformation doesn’t come from extreme measures but from disciplined but do-able commitment to key behaviors? 

And let me add the little appreciated truth that change begets change. Your efforts and motivation over time become compounded. It’s a phenomenon you can’t anticipate at the beginning of a journey, but I see it every day in my clients. What you do today will make you a person who next week can envision and take on that much more. 

True, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and genuine transformation rarely completes itself in six weeks, but in that short amount of time all the essential components could be in place, which means you’ll be fully engaged (and well on your way) to big change. 

Read on for those six habits that can make the most difference in your initial six-week window....


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Should Age Affect How You Eat?

Should age affect how you eat? 

It’s a fair, if not fundamental, question.

As you add up the decades (and life experiences), you may notice that your body needs a little extra TLC with daily stress, a little more recovery following challenging workouts, a little more discipline in the nutrition department.

The fact is, while our age shouldn’t be an excuse for a slowing metabolism, digestive issues, stiff joints or weight gain (just to name a few factors), it may make us more susceptible to those things. Our condition as we age, however, is an intersection of our body’s natural physiological trajectory and the positive/negative inputs we give it. 


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How a Nutrient-Dense Diet Fights Fat 

While blasting calories away at the gym does help offset some of what we consume, it’s not the primary answer to fighting fat. 

Ask any of our most successful clients, and they will all simultaneously tell you proper nutrition is the ticket. 

Have you not quite bought into that approach? Read on to see just how this model is possible. 

Still skeptical? Try making these shifts in your diet for just 30 days (Heck, even 10 days!), and see how your life (and pant size) changes.


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7 Foods That Sabotage Fat Loss

The physical principles behind fat loss are relatively simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s always an easy journey!

For one, many people think they’re making healthy food choices when actually their selections often sabotage their hard work the rest of the day.

When it comes to diet, going against the grain is often the most successful strategy. Our culture’s most popular foods and drinks are many times our worst weight management enemies.

How does your everyday diet shake out? Read on to see if any of your daily choices (past or current) make the list!


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Healthy Eating: 10 Ideas for Summer’s Harvest

It’s that time of year when there is so much to take advantage of - warmer weather, more sunlight, vacation days and great food. 

With the end of summer upon us - and Labor Day gatherings gearing up, what better time is there to stock up on the summer produce you know you like? It’s also the perfect time to try new foods in some of your meals, snacks and party dishes. 

Check out these 10 tasty ideas to implement with so many veggies and fruits at their peak this summer harvest season.


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Vacation Time: How to Stay on Track

Vacation - we look forward to the chance for travel and rest, but our plans may throw our healthy routines for a loop.

Whether it's eating on the road or fitting in exercise, we're challenged to transfer our good intentions to new places, schedules and circumstances.

How can we maximize the advantages of our time away without forgoing our healthy momentum? Read on for eight ideas that can help you maintain your program while making the most of your R&R.


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What Can Yoga Add to Your Weight Loss Journey?

It’s easy to get stuck in a traditional sense of what constitutes “exercise" - especially when weight loss is our goal.

We want to make our time and effort count. We don’t want to settle for “less than” in our fitness endeavors.

Our commitment to weight loss, however, doesn’t have to be the unrelenting grind we sometimes envision it to be.

Getting healthy is about living more vibrantly in our bodies. This includes building strength and cardiovascular endurance through appropriately intensive exercise, but it also means working with a foundation of ample movement each and every day as well as cultivating stress management and self-awareness.

Would it surprise you to hear that yoga can offer all of the aforementioned benefits? Read on to learn how the extensive varieties and benefits of yoga practice can support your weight loss and transformation journey!


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