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7 Foods Always in a Dietitian's Refrigerator

“Well you’re a dietitian! What do YOU eat?!” While I am a dietitian, I’m by no means a professional chef. My motto is to keep eating healthy simple, easy, and sustainable—for both financial and habitual purposes. One of the best ways to help ensure this is by keeping a stocked refrigerator that ensures healthy options are accessible. Check out these seven items that can always be found in my fridge, and why!

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6 Habits of Healthy Families

“How does she do it?!” I distinctly remember walking through a local farmer’s market and seeing a mom and her four boys. The four boys were most likely all under the age of 6. Pushing her stroller, I anticipated seeing unruly boys running every which-way with a mom in tow. But to my surprise, I saw a very pleasant, happy and well-mannered family walking through the market and stopping to play at the park. The mom was able to keep her voice level and maintain her children civilly. It was evident that this family communicated well, enjoyed physical activity, but also valued shopping for healthy foods. While it may seem too good to be true, becoming a healthy family in the making can be much easier than you may think. Remember, it’s about progress and not perfection, and finding healthy actions that are easy to implement so that they can become habits in no time. Below are some of my favorites that I’m eager to share with you!

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Can drinking kombucha help me lose weight?

Kom-boo-cha? Kom-buck-ka? Kom-boo-chka? How do you say it? What is it? Should you be drinking it for health, or even for weight loss?

First things first—let me clear the initial confusion---it’s “kom-boo-cha.” This trendy tea is quite the buzz these days, but what most people do not realize is that it actually has been around for over two thousand years! This ancient practice of fermenting tea is gaining popularity in a variety of circles—partially for its uniqueness, partially for its potential health properties, and also because it’s also quite easy to make yourself. Find out more what you may be missing out on these days!

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7 Ways to Use that Jar of Coconut Oil

Only seven?  Just seven ways to use your jar of coconut oil? That was the trickiest part of this blog post; trying to figure out how to keep this list condensed! A quick internet search of coconut oil will populate hundreds of uses for this amazing product, which may be why you initially purchased that jar and are now rather perplexed as to what to actually use it for. Well, contemplate no more. These seven uses are some of my tried-and-true all time favorites. But it seems each week I find a new way to use it, especially when you consider all the homemade recipes you can make from coconut oil. For now, I’ll stick to just the straight up uses, no homemade concoctions necessary. Just coconut oil, and therefore no reason to keep ignoring that jar on your shelf. 

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7 Things a Registered Dietitian Eats

As a dietitian, I get all sorts of questions from people: what should I be eating, how many calories should I eat, what is the best breakdown of macronutrients in my day, crazy GI “bathroom situation” questions, you name it! In addition, one thing I’ve learned over the years is whether I aim to do so or not, people watch every food choice I make. Now that is stressful! However, this is also where things get really fun, as the most common foods in my diet are ones that most people assume they shouldn’t be having, making their reaction priceless. Another assumption is that because I’m a dietitian, I spend a lot of time prepping elaborate, gourmet meals. Here’s the truth: 1) my spouse does most of our cooking due to our schedules and 2) my go-to foods and recipes require minimal prep and less than 30 minutes of cook time. Take a peek at these 7 foods that are sure to make their way into my weekly food choices!

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Top 7 Cravings - and Healthy Foods That Satisfy Them

We can start our day with the best intentions, but somewhere along the way cravings call our name. Before we know it, we’re 3 cups of coffee in, and half the bag of chocolates is gone…. 

The good news—there IS hope, and it starts with learning a bit more about why you might be having specific cravings. 

In addition to identifying your triggers for cravings, finding better foods to satisfy them will help retrain your brain (and your tastebuds!) over time. As a result, you’ll more easily stick with your plan and be able to dodge temptation altogether. 

Read on to learn the top cravings my clients share and the healthier foods they use to satisfy them.


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7 Superfood Menus to Supercharge Your Diet 

How nutrient dense was your diet today?

Some foods offer us nothing positive for the calories and artificial ingredients they contain. These are the "empty" options that we want to let go of on the way to better health and successful weight loss. 

On the other hand, there are foods that serve as pinnacles of nutrition. Within an overall healthy diet, they can take our nutrition from good to great.

But what does a superfood diet really look like? How far will it take me from my normal tastes and routines? Read on for a list of the top superfoods you can enjoy - and seven menus that will help you incorporate them today. 


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