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Top 10 Summer Eating Pitfalls

For the unmatched supply of fresh produce and good meat sales, summer also offers plenty of dietary pitfalls to avoid.

With 4th of July celebrations just around the corner, we figured it was a timely conversation.

Some of the top 10 food traps are unfortunately typical go-to summer fare: the barbecue basics, the buffet staples, the traditional standbys. The idea here isn’t to rain on anyone’s summer parade. Trust me - the best of the season's eats are still there to be enjoyed!

A few adjustments here and some savvy substitutions there can go a long way in making a great summer meal a healthy one, too. How many of these top 10 do you recognize in your summer diet? 

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Better Barbecues

With summer in full swing, the invitations come flooding in for all kinds of outdoor festivities revolving around food. While these get-togethers can be fun, exciting, and entertaining, they sometimes aren’t so in line with your healthy eating goals. Still, none of us like to be ‘that guest’ who won’t eat what’s being provided. Before you turn down those invitations, think of how you can prepare yourself for the extravaganza and enjoy yourself (and the food!) while you’re there….guilt free, of course.

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