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Common Nutrition Advice Debunked 

In today’s world, news headlines, a simple Google search or self-proclaimed social media “health experts” have been deemed royalty when it comes to influencing our beliefs and opinions on all things health, wellness and nutrition. The multitude of sources and voices claiming they’ve uncovered the next best thing in nutrition can be both exhilarating, yet overwhelming. These waves of health trends can often cause us to question our own approach to nutrition and spur us into making a whirlwind of drastic changes to our eating and fitness routines.

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A Beginner's Guide to Macros (Fat, Carbs and Protein)

The appeal of a fresh start this January has New Year’s resolutions running hot, with many of us ready to buckle down and re-prioritize our health after an eventful holiday season. With the cookies and cocktails long gone, our energy and determination can now shift to launch us full throttle into a year that will be the year: the year to lose body fat, to keep it off, to gain strength, to reclaim energy, to increase vitality and, most important, to find the approach that works for your unique metabolism.

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