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Craving sweets at night? Here's What To Eat.

One of the most frequent questions my clients ask me is what they should eat at night when they’re craving something sweet. There’s just something about that time of day. For me, it’s when I finally slow down and relax. My family’s typical day is go-go-go from the moment we wake up in the morning, getting lunches packed and the entire family ready and dropped off in time for school and work. By the time we eat dinner and get in a little more play, we have a small chunk of time left to relax. I know for many, this is that time of day when the sweet tooth can really kick in. 

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Top 10 Triggers for Unhealthy Eating

What sets you up for poor choices? We all have circumstances or settings that leave us at our weakest, when we're more likely to succumb to the temptation of unhealthy eating. "If it weren't for x, y, or z, I wouldn't have fallen head first off my eating plan," we think. They're our personal triggers, the situations that can undermine our good judgment, dampen our resolve or fuel the bad habits we're trying to leave behind. Identifiying them is half the battle - and an important step in making a healthy diet a new way of life! Although they vary from person to person, these 10 are among the most common triggers my clients share. Read on and see which ones fit your experience!


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