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How You Can Learn to Love Exercise 

Long ago our prehistoric (and even pre-Industrial) ancestors had to be active. Life simply required it. Today all of our transportation and convenience options can make most activity seem obsolete.

However much our societies have evolved, the human body is still physically the same. Regardless of the seeming inconguity, we remain wired to optimally function with regular activity.

Without the pull of necessity, how can we push ourselves to not only do exercise but actually enjoy it? (The more fun we have, after all, the more motivated we'll be to stay on the path.) Check out these attitude adjusters and logistical strategies to help you learn to love your workouts more.


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What's Your Biggest Mindset Challenge? 

You’ve likely heard the saying about successful weight loss being 90% diet. No matter what you think of the diet-exercise-lifestyle breakdown, the equation will always necessitate 100% mindset commitment. Our motivation is what gets us started on the journey, what encourages us through the plateaus periods, what helps us persist when others give up. That doesn’t mean, however, that motivation always comes easily. There are countless mental dimensions to our weight loss journeys. It’s as important to identify our mindset related challenges as it is our nutritional or fitness challenges. In doing so, we can equip ourselves with the messages and support that will refill our motivational wells and offer us the mental stamina to make it to our goals. Consider what questions, quandaries and self-doubts have gotten the best of you in the past. Then check out these Flourish resources for inspiration that can take you beyond any motivational challenge to your ultimate end success.


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