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Have school lunch periods become cram sessions?

It’s been estimated that the school lunch period has decreased by 10 minutes over the last decade, giving children an average of 20 minutes to get and eat their lunch. So what are the health costs of this speed eating?

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Does the Food Industry Influence School Lunches?

It’s been estimated that over $10 billion is spent each year on advertising food and beverages to America’s children and youth through television, radio, print and Internet.[i],[ii] Grocery stores will even place products marketed to children at their eye level. The food industry knows that if it can get products into young hands, it’ll likely build some long-term clientele.

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Grow Your Own

Keeping a garden can provide quality food for your family, a newfound appreciation for produce and an increased sense of self-reliance. With ever-rising food prices, the time is ripe for you to plant a seed with your family.

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Why Portion Control Rarely Works

“I just need to work on portion control…” “I need to learn what the portion of each food is supposed to be, I was never taught…” “I know why I gain weight; I have an issue with my portion sizes” Have you caught yourself saying any one of these phrases before? Maybe someone else? Maybe even a nutritional professional, has told that you need to work on or understand portion control to assist you with weight loss. The majority of weight loss programs put a huge emphasis on...

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