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Why Small Habit Changes Aren't Getting You To Your Goal

For as long as I can remember, the “one-behavior-at-a-time” approach has been deemed the gold standard when it comes to weight loss.

Habit change is hard and with the average American overstressed and overtired, the thought of changing too much of their current lifestyle can sound unbearable, no matter how motivated they are to lose weight. And for most people, there is a laundry list of healthy habits they’ll need to embark and practice over and over before their body decides it’s enough to burn and lose fat. 

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5 Signs You Need A Vacation

I have to admit it: this article was written for me. Working in the health and fitness industry, work and downtime tend to severely overlap. When you enjoy what you do and have every desire to serve others with tools and information to live a healthy life, it’s easy to work too many hours and not take enough time off to do nothing.

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Chunky Summer Salad

With summer into full swing, the rise in warmer temperatures often bring cravings for cooler foods.  And this chunky summer salad will not disappoint!  Loaded with ample veggies and fats, it’s super flavorful and will keep you full.  And – for all you lettuce haters out there, it sans that traditional salad ingredient and focuses solely on all the goodies usually found on top.  Enjoy!

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What To Eat When You're Craving Carbs

You know the feeling.  That intense craving for carbohydrates when all you are trying to do is eat clean and healthy. What do you do when this craving hits?  Do you avoid it completely?  Do you cave in?  Or, do you try your best to find a healthier substitute that satisfies the craving without derailing your nutrition plan. If you’re not quite the latter, you might just be short of ideas for foods that can help meet your need of a carbohydrate fix.  Below provides some insight on why this type of cravings is so common along with some of my go-to foods when those cravings strike.


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Fit Talk: Weight Regain after Weight Loss

Why is it so hard to keep the lbs off after a big weight loss? Check out the lasted from Anika and Paul as they discuss some of the most current research findings on some of the world’s most famous dieters.



How Low Calorie Diets May Make You Fatter

You know somebody.  Maybe that person is even you.  Somebody deemed successful for losing an enormous amount of weight.  So successful that you barely recognize them any more as they become overnight celebrities amongst their family and friends. But after the honeymoon period is over, and months go by until you see them again, you notice they are regaining weight that they have lost, or even worse, have regained all the weight back plus more.

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Buffalo Chicken

When it comes to recipes, I like simple and tasty.  Recipes that call for less than five ingredients and that can be cooked in a slow-cooker get extra bonus points too, in my opinion.  The recipe below is stupid simple and one that I’ve been recommending to my clients for years.  It’s a great one to do on a Sunday afternoon while you’re doing your other household chores and can easily be eating alone as a snack or thrown on a big and green salad for lunch and dinner.  If you are looking for a new flavor of protein – check out below and enjoy!

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