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The Finishing Line Effect

People love crossing finish lines. Many endurance events, such as 5K’s, triathalons and marathons, continue to gain popularity.  And for many people, the thought of crossing a finish line is their sole purpose for signing up for the event. Finish lines, however, provide so much more than the achievement of crossing it. In the bigger picture, they can propell us toward additional and larger goals we might never have aspired to without the affirmation of what I call the finishing line effect!

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Refrigerator Makeover

Spring is definitely in the air, and, for many of us, means spring cleaning! Soon we’ll have the itch to scrub, dust and organize our homes, but does your refrigerator also get that tender love and care?  This year, let the cleaning bug strike, but let’s make transforming your refrigerator top on the list.  Taking advantage of the seasonal motivation can be a great time to give a healthy transformation to the most utilized kitchen appliance.  And if you organize it right, it actually can help promote healthy eating habits as well as reduce food waste.  Read on below to find out how to set your refrigerator up for its healthiest and most usable potential!

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Miserable from Allergies?

Do you regularly experience itchy eyes, a stuffy nose and phlegm-filled throat? At this time of year, these symptoms are about as prevalent to Americans as fantasy football. Allergies seem to be on the rise, and if you are like most individuals, you’ve probably dabbled in some of the drugs and sprays geared towards decreasing these symptoms. But many of us don’t find relief from these treatments, because we’ve...

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Supplement Spotlight: Adreno-Mend

Adreno-Mend™ is designed to help the body put up a better defense against the effects of acute and chronic stress. Adreno-Mend is formulated with more than 10 highly valued, herbal extracts that support healthy and balanced adrenal gland function, as well as support the body’s ability to adapt to stressors and avoid the damaging consequences from them.

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8 House Rules for Healthier Kids

September is here and marks the second anniversary of the National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month (COAM). Last year’s national cause drew incredible amounts of attention to an epidemic in which more than 23 million American children and teenagers are overweight or obese. Many believe this is a generation of children who are not expected to outlive their parents.

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Antioxidants as Fat Fighters

Antioxidants are one of the most highly studied nutrition components. They are best known for fighting off disease or preventing aging, but did you also know they can positively impact your waistline? A new study shows just that and brings some new excitement around these well-studied molecules.

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Risky Behaviors for Men’s Health

Men and women can function differently — in how they socialize and let off steam, for example. But behavior differences, including how gender may influence self care, may account for a distinct gap in life expectancy between the sexes.

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