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8 House Rules for Healthier Kids

September is here and marks the second anniversary of the National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month (COAM). Last year’s national cause drew incredible amounts of attention to an epidemic in which more than 23 million American children and teenagers are overweight or obese. Many believe this is a generation of children who are not expected to outlive their parents.

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Antioxidants as Fat Fighters

Antioxidants are one of the most highly studied nutrition components. They are best known for fighting off disease or preventing aging, but did you also know they can positively impact your waistline? A new study shows just that and brings some new excitement around these well-studied molecules.

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Risky Behaviors for Men’s Health

Men and women can function differently — in how they socialize and let off steam, for example. But behavior differences, including how gender may influence self care, may account for a distinct gap in life expectancy between the sexes.

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Why Schools Have to Compromise on Food Quality

Over the last few years, the meals being served in schools have generated a lot of negative attention — much of it directed at their contribution to our youth’s obesity. Although it may be easy to blame the schools, the problem of low quality school lunches is much more complex.

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Why Folic Acid Might Not Be the Best Form of Folate

While synthetic folic acid has long been a fortifier to be reckoned with, studies now show it may not be getting the job done. Research appears to support a return to natural folate, found in peas, beans —and Metafolin®.

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