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10 Actions You Can Take Today for Better Heart Health

My grandmother died from a stroke. Her death left a huge impact on me.

Whenever I’m asked to share my family medical history, it’s a reminder of not only why she left this earth, but also what’s in my genes. Many of my clients share a similar journey. They’ve lost a close family member to cardiovascular disease and want to do anything and everything to avoid that outcome for themselves.

Heart disease affects 65 million Americans. It’s a sobering statistic. Even if you have a family history of cardiovascular disease, however, you don’t have to let your genes dictate your future. Instead, you can use this knowledge as motivation to pursue a healthy, prevention-minded lifestyle.

Want to support your heart health? Below are 10 actions you can start or continue today.


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Healthy Pregnancy: Essential Tips and Unconventional Truths

Bearing a child can be one of the most beautiful times in a woman’s life but, equally, one of the most confusing! From what we read online, research in books or even hear from our prenatal care team, the suggestions we round up can contradict each other. I’ve been a nutrition coach for years and have assisted many clients through their pregnancies, but I also recently went through the process of bearing a child myself. Since then, I’ve learned even more about all of the obstacles and stressors that women commonly face during these months. Below are some of my best suggestions for self care and optimum health during pregnancy. 


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Debunked: 8 Products and Activities That DON’T Aid Fat Loss 

Who wouldn't want an "easy, instant" way to lose weight? There are unfortunately countless companies willing to tap into our desire and offer empty promises in the way of bogus products and activities. Our genuine, long-term fat loss, however, relies on optimally nourishing and moving our bodies, not on "tricking" them. The road to effective fat loss can be simple when we base our journeys on the tried-and-true principles of the healthy way of living - principles that run counter to the "miracle" mindset of these 8 bogus weight loss ideas.


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Transformative Takeaways: 90-Day Wisdom You Can Use

As the 90-Day Challenge comes to a close, thousands of individuals are doing their final weigh-ins and celebrating their success over the past three months. Out of the thousands, we’ll choose 4 national winners who have experienced the most success through their weight loss results and full body transformations. But what do these finalists - along with the other thousands of successful participants - have in common that got them across the finish line and to their goals? Read on for the most common commitments and pivotal strategies that create our 90-Day success stories and see how they can transform your journey!


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8 Myths of Children's Nutrition

With skyrocketing childhood obesity and type 2 diabetes rates, we’re seeing children’s health at serious risk these days. It’s more imperative than ever to bring new attention and a critical mindset to kids’ nutrition! We want to do the best for our children and offer them the nourishment they need to grow and thrive. Unfortunately, in doing so we’re faced with a plethora of myths around children’s nutrition, many of them the result of big food companies’ marketing messages. In identifying where we’re misled, we’re better able to home in on the good dietary practices that will support our children’s optimal health. Check out what I’d consider the top 8 myths of children’s nutrition, and see which ones you believe hold the biggest sway!


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Weight Loss Lies We Tell Ourselves

On the way to weight loss (or in the midst of it!), we often find ourselves tripped up by the mental games we tend to play. For some of us, it’s the insecure emotional messages that sabotage us. For others, it’s the mental tricks we engage in that hold us back from facing full reality about our situations (or our daily habits). Finally, there are those common misguided justifications that can sidetrack us for longer than we’d care to admit – and even keep us from getting out of the starting gate. The best remedy? We can come clean about the excuses we use and the lies we tell ourselves that hold us back from the success we deserve. Do any of these six sound familiar to you? Read on and consider what rationalizations have been part of your journey.



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Facilitating Fat Loss: Tips to Optimize Metabolism 

“How do I make my metabolism faster?” For all the times it’s been asked, pondered or Googled, you could say it’s the million dollar question. I hear it from my clients all the time. The fact is, everyone wants to believe that they can speed up the fat loss process. Who doesn’t want to lose weight faster and get to the goal sooner? Yet, the idea that personal metabolism is “fast” or “slow” stems from an out-of-date notion in weight loss circles. That said, metabolism does impact the weight management picture. I tell my clients to think about their metabolism more as functional versus dysfunctional (with obvious gradations on that spectrum). The more optimally functional your metabolism is, the more efficiently it will work for you – and your weight loss. What we eat and how we move are certainly cornerstones of healthy living, but the metabolic picture is more nuanced. Optimizing metabolism involves understanding all of the lifestyle and medical factors that increase or decrease our bodies’ ability to either burn or store fat. Check out these suggestions for boosting your metabolic health and successfully facilitating fat loss!


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