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The Crave Game

Do your food cravings get the best of you? 

Do you believe you just need more willpower to control them?

For most of us, at some point food cravings creep up on us. For some of us, however, cravings become a constant barrier to our health and weight loss goals, often causing us to feel out of control with our eating. We should be capable of gathering enough willpower to ignore them, we tell ourselves, but more often than not, we come up short. 

Consider a different understanding of your battle for a moment. What if cravings had little to do with willpower and more to do with physiology? 


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7 Psychological Factors That Influence Weight Loss 

What are the most powerful questions that will determine your weight loss journey - and even outcome?

How many meals should I eat each day? What should be my macronutrient balance? What will I do for movement? How much cardio should I do? What should my resistance training routine look like?

As important as all of these issues are, I'd suggest our mindset has as much influence over our outcomes as logistical choices often do.

See which seven psychological factors I believe commonly figure into weight loss.

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How to Eat More Healthy Fats

How’s your fat intake these days? 

Are you getting enough? (Probably not a question you hear very often…)

Fat might be the most misunderstood and misrepresented nutrients of all time, often reduced or even cut out completely when people are trying to “shed” body fat or eat “more healthily,” according to that old and erroneous low-fat paradigm.

Given this misdirected fat phobia, healthy fat is one of my favorite topics for discussion with clients. It’s not only essential for our overall health and mood, but it’s downright critical for our metabolism.

Fat matters when you’re trying to lose fat! Let’s talk how-to tips for boosting this essential nutrient and giving your body the healthy fat it needs!


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Nutrition Shortcuts vs. Strategies

Nearly every day someone asks me about a new trend he or she has read about that can purportedly help people lose weight or fight disease.

Underlying their questions, I believe, is this truth. We're a culture of convenience - and why wouldn’t we want our health to come easily? When doing what it takes to eat a healthy diet seems daunting, we may find ourselves wishing simpler recommendations could offer as big of a return.

Below are some of the most common nutrition shortcuts our coaches are asked about on a regular basis. Learn whether these trends are truly strategic and how to best implement those that provide genuinely positive impact!


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10 Ways to Reduce Stress Today

If you're human, stress likely gets the best of you sometimes.

We all have our normal day-to-day stressors to which we adapt, but certain situations can challenge us beyond our normal flexibility for frustration.

They're the moments that can heighten our stress levels and make us feel anxious, overwhelmed and uneasy if we don’t release the tension. Keep the list below at your desk or on your home refrigerator as an easy access resource for those demanding moments.


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12 Ways to Fit in Fitness

Do you wish you could fit in more fitness time?

Scheduling fitness into our hectic lives can feel downright impossible. No matter how good our intentions or how detailed our workout plans are, oftentimes, we simply run out of hours in a day.

However, if we take a new view of our schedules, we can discover more convenient “spaces” that offer us some easy wins! Below are twelve scheduling strategies to help you fit in more fitness opportunities each day.

See which ideas get you rethinking your workout and daily step potential!


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8 Workouts for an "Unmotivated" Week

Truth be told, our motivation to work out tends to fluctuate. Some days it might be sky high, while other days (or even weeks), it can feel totally flatlined. 

Motivation dips can be a matter of busy schedules, but it can even ebb and flow with the weather! In my own experience and in my work with clients, this time of year can be especially problematic. With the slew of holiday commitments and the colder temps, there are days when working out can feel next to impossible.

When my clients start experiencing a motivation slump, I have them pull out the list below to help give them direction. Sometimes it's just a matter of perspective and a few key strategies to get re-inspired and moving again!


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