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Squash: All Year Long, All-Around Amazing

Summer and winter squash varieties have a host of health benefits because of their incredible nutrients and high fiber — without a load of calories. Your squash options are plentiful all year round, versatile and diverse in wonderful flavors.

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Animal or Plant? How to Pick Your Protein

Where do you choose to get your protein — from beef or beans, eggs or nuts? Is one source better than another — and what about soy? Proteins are the building blocks of a healthy body and all offer significant benefits, but what sets them apart is whether they cover the essential amino acids that are not produced by our bodies.

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Detox Debunked

It’s a New Year, and a common New Year’s resolution is to create a clean slate… of the body. So, why not start with a detox? But, what exactly does that mean? We often think of “detox” or “cleanse” as something we do to our body in order to achieve a cleaner system and ultimately weight loss. “Cleanse your body of toxic build-up,” “rejuvenate your health,” “cut cravings,” “restart your metabolism.”These are all common phrases used to promote popular detox programs. Some examples of reported methods include fasting, colonic irrigation, laxatives, and specified food/beverage intake, such as juice fasting, water fasting, raw food diet, lemon juice and honey, or vegetarian eating. The problem with programs like these and other rapid weight loss methods is they are short-term and often ineffective.

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