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Is Collagen Really Worth All the Hype?


You’ve probably gotten wind of the collagen hype, but before you write it off as just another fad, our expert coaches break down what it is, the benefits, where it can go wrong, and how you can add the right type of quality collagen into your eating plan. 

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Why Amino Acids Matter for Health, Performance and Weight Loss

You may have heard of them but know little about their actual benefits.

In fact, Essential Amino Acids (EAAs) just may be the best supplement you haven’t explored yet.

Whether you’re trying to maximize your health, avoid or manage disease, support your efforts for higher performance, or improve your weight loss progress, EAAs may serve as a quick, consistent strategy to boost your anabolic (lean tissue-building) abilities.

Read on to learn more about the advantages EEAs can offer you - no matter what your primary health aim.


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Q&A: Choosing Supplements and Protein Sources

From the Healthy Way of Eating, you know how important protein is for health and weight loss. That said, you might be confused or on the fence about whether you want to (or should) try a protein or amino acid supplement of some kind. How do I know a protein supplement is right for me? What benefits would there be? Shouldn’t real food be the way to nourish myself to optimal health? Can supplements be as good as food (or, in some cases, even better)? If I should take a protein supplement, which kind is the best? Let me explain how I sort through the factors around adequate protein for the clients I work with.

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Lab Lesson: Anabolic Amino Acid Profile

The Anabolic Amino Acid Profile is a blood test that measures the levels of amino acids (building blocks of protein) in the body. It tests the nine (9) essential amino acids that cannot be produced in our bodies and must come from diet.

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Performance-Enhancing Supplements

With the 2010 Olympic Games in full swing, it's exciting to see the world's best athletes competing in such a variety of sports. Thousands of hours of training, refined nutrition plans and the perfect mix of supplements all play a role in achieving peak conditioning. While very few of us are focused on working toward a gold medal, we all have individual goals in mind. If you're following a solid nutrition plan...

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