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8 Uncommon Tips for Women’s Wellness

Women’s health is a complicated matter.

A woman’s well-being is impacted by an intricate balance of hormone systems such as adrenal, thyroid and sex hormones.

As women progress through the decades of life, hormones ebb and flow and can knock each other off track. This oftentimes makes attaining optimal health and weight loss more challenging as women age.

The good news is that we have significant influence over our hormones and genes by what we choose to do or not do in our lives. Many factors impact hormone balance such as nutrition, supplementation, exercise, stress management, sleep and living environment.

Learn how you can use these areas of influence to enhance your well-being!


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Adrenal Fatigue – Part 2: Stress Management

In Part 1, we discussed the health and weight implications of chronic stress and how to assess our personal stress levels. In Part 2, we explore easy and practical stress management tactics to incorporate into busy lifestyles.

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Adrenal Fatigue - Part 1: Health Implications

Stress has powerful effects on a body, depleting our energy, willpower, appetite and sleep. When stress is constant, it can also exceed our capacity to cope with it through the production of cortisol. We’re tired; our adrenal glands are exhausted.

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