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How Moving More May Save Your Life

I recently wrote about Sitting Yourself to Death and touched on the effects of being sedentary. The topic deserves more than a single blog post. You’ll probably be seeing a lot posts in the future as the lack of activity we get is a pretty serious health issue. It’s not that being sedentary keeps us from burning a few extra calories. The act of sitting for extended periods of time actually changes the physiology in the body.

The World Health Organization estimated the number of obese individuals worldwide in 2006 as ~400 million. They predict the total will be 700 million by 2015. 2009 totals for type II diabetes were 200 million and expect numbers to double between the years 2000 and 2030. The numbers are simply staggering. At Life Time Weight Loss, we see the need to attack this epidemic through five key physical areas:

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10,000 steps a day…let the Fitbit be your guide!

Every day we have the opportunity to move our bodies purposefully, with the intent to exercise. Often it is thought that the ideal is to exercise at least 5 days each week for no less than 30 minutes, but this doesn’t always happen as planned. Our lives are hectic and crazy, with unplanned ups and downs that pull us out of our planned routine and away from our workouts on what seems like a regular basis. With this in mind, it’s important to always have a backup plan to keep yourself as active as possible. I often find myself encouraging the people I meet to simply look for ways to move more. For years I have been encouraging people to wear a pedometer and track their steps each and every day. Fortunately I’m not the only one who feels that moving more each day is beneficial.

The idea of using a pedometer is not a new one. The “10,000 steps per day” slogan has been around for decades and continues to be tossed around as a measure to improve physical activity among adults. The theory of 10,000 steps per day began as a goal for Japanese citizens in the 1960’s and has morphed into an ideal goal for movement each day around the world.1

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Are You Sitting Yourself To Death?

Many of the blog posts on this site relate to food and its effects on long-term health and weight management. When most people think of managing their weight, it’s usually the first thing that comes to mind. However, there’s more to managing weight than food alone. Many lifestyle choices play into our long-term health outcomes and can lead to unwanted weight gain.

Exercise certainly helps in improving long-term health outcomes. Managing stress and getting enough sleep is important too. However, there’s one thing the average person does more than anything else throughout the day that could result in a significantly increased risk of developing diabetes, heart disease, weight gain and many other ailments. In fact, most people spend the majority of their waking time doing this. What is this deadly activity? Sitting!

Before you continue reading, whatever you’re reading this blog post on – a desktop computer, laptop, phone or tablet – stand up and read this instead of sitting if you’re sitting right now. You should be able to get through this article without needing to sit down. It just doesn’t seem right to have you read this article on the detriments of sitting while you’re sitting down.

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