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5 ways to keep your workout motivation

If you feel your motivation is drifting and you’re ready to toss your New Year’s resolution to the wind, you’re not alone. In fact, due to the surge of people known to give up on their 2019 fitness goals around this time, January 12 has been deemed as “National Quitters’ Day”. While we don’t typically associate one single day for derailing our fitness goals, if the temptation to quit isn’t properly addressed, our chances of failing will significantly increase.

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7 Psychological Factors That Influence Weight Loss 

What are the most powerful questions that will determine your weight loss journey - and even outcome?

How many meals should I eat each day? What should be my macronutrient balance? What will I do for movement? How much cardio should I do? What should my resistance training routine look like?

As important as all of these issues are, I'd suggest our mindset has as much influence over our outcomes as logistical choices often do.

See which seven psychological factors I believe commonly figure into weight loss.

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