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How to Use Exercise to Curb Cravings

Do your food cravings get the best of you? 

Cravings stem from a host of physiological and psychological factors, and they can easily derail the best laid weight loss plans.

While willpower won't get most of us as far as we assume it should, exercise has been shown time and again to be an effective tool for battling food cravings.

 Read on to discover the most common craving scenarios and tips for using exercise to stop them in their tracks.


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5 Tips for Weight Loss Journaling

What comes to mind when you think of a weight loss journal?

A succession of photos? A food log? Calorie calculations? Daily reflections? Goal visions? A compendium of successes and setbacks along the way?

The truth is, a weight loss journal can be anything you want it to be. Above all, however, it should be a positive resource that helps you strategize for success.

In the midst of your daily workouts and meal planning, a weight loss journal encourages you to take time to connect with yourself, your behavior patterns, and your developing strengths.

Over time, it becomes a record of discovery - discovery of what thinking motivates you, of what strategies work for you, and of what vision directs your new, healthy life. 


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10 “Hard Truth” Health Indicators 

How many ways do you measure your health?

 Our annual physicals are, indeed, essential. They offer us a basic check-in on certain numbers. Nonetheless, there’s so much more to the story than what standard tests gauge that I encourage my clients to look deeper with additional assessments.

When we’re interested in getting a sense of where we’re at health-wise and what kind of progress we’re making (or not making), certain numbers simply tell us more. In some cases, that means more detail around the basics. In other cases, it means examining additional dimensions that conventional screening doesn’t cover.

Many of these added assessments don’t cost anything. In fact, one you can even do before you finish reading this article. Check out ten health indicators that offer a clearer picture of your current health status.


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8 Ways to Branch Out at the Gym 

Think for a minute about where you spend your gym time.

What areas, machines or rooms do you frequent? What tools do you use? How much of the overall facility do these encompass? Finally, how long have you been limiting yourself to this circuit? 

The fact is, Life Time members literally have hundreds, if not thousands, of different equipment pieces, classes and other offerings to choose from. The concept behind this variety, of course, is to ignite interest and maximize workout productivity.

The tough thing, however, is that we're creatures of habit. We find our groove in life and often get stuck there. The same applies at the gym. This pattern can lead to plateaus and frustration, but a few tweaks can change your outlook on your current regimen. Expanding your fitness horizons will inevitably boost your enthusiasm – and your workout productivity. Consider these several ways to branch out at the club today.


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Understanding Heart Rate Variability

Imagine a device that could tell you in less than 5 minutes a day whether your fitness level is improving, staying the same or declining. In addition, this device would guide you each day to work out harder, scale back on your training or use the time for recovery. The cost would be 41 cents per day. Would you be interested in using this device for your own health, weight loss or performance? It’s called Heart Rate Variability (HRV), and it’s available to you today at your Life Time Fitness club. Let’s look more in-depth. What is it exactly, why was it developed, and how can it help you accelerate your fitness and meet your goals more quickly and efficiently? Read on to learn more….


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