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Top 7 Tips a Weight Loss Coach Would Tell You

What would happen if you gathered a group of nutrition, fitness and weight loss experts together and asked them for their most essential tips?

Together they've guided thousands of people through their weight loss and transformation journeys. They've witnessed the ups and downs of the process. They've tested "book knowledge" against real results. What do you think they've learned along the way? 

Join seven of our Flourish writers as they share their best strategies for maximizing your success around nutrition, exercise, lifestyle and motivation!

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10 Things a Trainer Would Tell You

Not every Life Time client works with a trainer, but we’re there witnessing members’ journeys every day.

Whether in a working relationship or from a gym floor distance, we see the progress and frustration, the struggle and successes. Of course, I’d recommend the services of a Health and Fitness Professional to everyone who comes in our doors. I’ve seen countless clients thrive with the personalized guidance and support.

For those who haven’t worked with a trainer or are on the fence, however, you might wonder what a trainer’s perspective would be on your weight loss process. What basic pointers could a trainer tell you right from the start? What suggestions or stories could he or she share? In the spirit of that exchange, let me offer ten tips from a trainer’s experience.


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The Best of 2013: Flourish Highlights

They’re the articles that got the most feedback or hits--or just hit the nail on the head!  As the year draws to a close, we look back on fifty-two weeks of Flourish posts and offer you these highlights of 2013. As we prepare for the New Year, we look forward to bringing you content to cover all your health and weight loss questions in 2014. Throughout the coming year, we hope that Flourish can serve as a helpful and inspiring resource for you in your weight loss journey. We always welcome your feedback, questions and suggestions and invite you to share your interests with us as we plan another year of newsletter content for you, our Life Time Weight Loss readers. Our best to you in 2014, and happy holidays!

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Staff Gives: 7 Healthy Gift Ideas

Whether it's your first holiday season since you committed to a healthy way of life or your tenth, a health journey can change your perspective in perhaps unexpected ways. For instance, do your healthy lifestyle choices influence what you’ll be giving (or would like to receive) this holiday? What are you pining for this season that you could never have imagined wanting before? What are you looking to give others to spread the promise of healthful habits? Check out these healthy gift ideas from the Flourish staff and see how they might fit your holiday list. Finally, be sure to share your own ideas for a healthy holiday!

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Staff Dishes: Meet the Flourish Staff 

Who are the people behind the Flourish publication? For instance, which one loves a good boxing workout? Who was first inspired by Conan the Barbarian? Which one grew up a picky eater who loved brown sugar toast? On a different note, how do they work with Life Time members today? What makes them so passionate about weight loss and wellness? What do they eat for dinner--or for the occasional indulgence...? Find out what Flourish writers enjoy most about working with clients, how they became interested in wellness, and what advice changed their health mindset.

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15 Favorite Blog Posts, 1 Final Message

One of the most satisfying parts of my week for the past few years has been my Saturday morning routine. Most Saturday mornings, I sit down with a cup of coffee and my laptop to begin writing a post or two for the Life Time Weight Loss blog. I’ve always enjoyed this time because it required me to eliminate other distractions and really consider what I wanted to share with the goal of helping others shape their personal nutrition, metabolism, health, fitness, stress, sleep and other lifestyle choices.

While I’ll likely continue my Saturday morning ritual, I’m writing today’s blog post as a final sign-off from the Life Time Weight Loss blog and Flourish newsletter. For the past 12 years, I’ve been blessed with many roles at Life Time. The past few years were particularly satisfying. We’ve been able to develop some of our most cutting-edge programs and best-in-the-market products, many of which are featured here on the Life Time Weight Loss site.

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