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Questioning Coconut Oil? Here Are the Facts.

Headlines erupted over the weekend with “new” research suggesting that coconut oil is inherently bad for everyone. If you’re confused or concerned about your health, you’re not alone. As a registered dietitian, I want to make sure you have the facts and feel more at ease about your health.

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10 “Forbidden” Foods You Should Be Eating

Food fallacies are never-ending, but I’m here today to share with you some surprisingly great news! Not all foods that get a bum rap deserve their bad reputation.

Take a peek at each of these 10 foods, but also be sure to read up on what exactly makes them healthy and what varieties to look for when purchasing.

Yet, it’s not quite as easy as loading up on butter and bacon every day now (sorry). If your nutrition intake is veggie-heavy (think nearly half your plate at each meal), lower in grain-based carbs, and rich in quality proteins, then these foods can be beneficial for both variety and flavor. Enjoy!


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Why Getting Stronger Matters for Weight Loss

“Strong is the new skinny.”

It’s a proclamation you may have seen plastered over marketing and social media in recent years, but it’s more than a catch phrase.

Studies show that strength training can play a critical role in achieving maximum health benefits and weight loss success.

Getting stronger means getting leaner as well as fitter. It allows you to be healthier and more resilient. It lets you look and feel slimmer, younger and more vital.

But don’t just take my word for it. Check out what the research has to say on why getting stronger matters for your weight loss and health journey.


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Do I Really Need a Multivitamin?

Enough is Enough: Stop Wasting Money on Vitamin & Mineral Supplements”, one notable editorial in the Annals of Internal Medicine proclaimed.

News outlets picked up the story as if we’d put another person on the moon. The proclamation resulted from three published studies in the latest issue that failed to show overwhelmingly positive support for widespread multivitamin use in adults.

There are a few thoughts I had as I witnessed the media headlines roll out over this issue. First and foremost, I thought about how badly consumers are ping-ponged around by media blasts like this: X is good, X is bad, X might be worth it if….

Unfortunately, only if you’re “in the know” and understand how to examine the actual study methods, data, interpretations, limitations and conclusions, let alone sift through the misleading/confusing headlines will you have a clue what to believe (or do) for your health without at least a moderate amount of frustration. Let’s take apart these factors as they relate to the latest claims.


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Top 6 Nutrition Misunderstandings

Every day it seems we run into a hundred different nutrition recommendations.

Whether they’re the packaging claims for foods we see on the supermarket shelves or the magazine covers at the checkout, the health features on the nightly news or the Facebook articles that show up in our daily feed, we’re inundated.

Some of these claims offer us good food for thought, while others have more agenda than truth behind them.

With our exposure to media stories, food industry advertisements as well as shifting medical messages, it can be difficult to identify the misleading claims and debunked truths. Below I’ve ranked what I consider the top six nutrition misunderstandings. See how many you’ve heard, believed or even practiced at one point in the past.


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Healing Heartburn: What You Don’t Know about Acid Reflux

So many of us have been there….

Minutes after slightly over-indulging in our favorite cheat meal, we start to feel that familiar (and dreaded) sense of discomfort. We try to politely disguise belches beneath our napkin while waiting for the right time to loosen our belts or find some other, um, relief.

Dyspepsia, indigestion or GERD symptoms most commonly happen when stomach contents (presumably after a meal) make their way back up into the esophagus, where the acidic stomach juices irritate the delicate tissue that lines the lower esophagus.

Acid reflux (a.k.a. “heartburn”) is one of the most commonly diagnosed health conditions these days. What are the real factors that explain these skyrocketing numbers - and what options genuinely treat its core causes? Let’s take a look.


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How to Assess those “Best & Worst Diets” Ratings 

Every year media sources offer their assessments of popular diet philosophies, but what should we ultimately take from these rankings? 

If you’re like most Americans after the holidays, diets are on your mind - and media conglomerates know that. It's prime time to grab readers' attention with claims of which “diets” can make this year's health picture different (or better?) than the last. 

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