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5 Game-Changing Fitness Commitments

When we only think of exercise as health routine, we miss out on so much—like challenge, adventure and motivation.

Taking on fitness commitments can help us upgrade our program to whole new levels and keep us engaged in exercise for the long haul. 

Wondering how to expand your fitness horizons beyond the same old routine and equipment? Check out these 5 inspiring challenges that can move your fitness—and weight loss—into brand new territory.


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Q&A: Exercise with Chronic Pain or Injury

As a corrective exercise specialist, I have many clients approach me with questions about exercising with pain or injuries, whether these are the result of a recent event or the lingering effects of a chronic condition.

Let me offer the essential reminder first that it’s always important to consult with your physician no matter what the nature of the injury or pain. As part of the consultation, he/she will likely perform a series of assessments (e.g. x-ray, MRI, etc.) and – based on those results – may be able to provide non-invasive treatments for helping solve the issue.

If not, surgery may be in your future. If it is, I agree with the many experts who suggest obtaining 2-3 additional opinions just to be sure any and all alternatives have been ruled out. You always want to avoid something as invasive as surgery because once you’ve had it, there’s no going back to your original template.

Below are a few common inquiries that I receive from my clientele. If you find yourself experiencing joint pain, read on for some suggestions to reduce or even eliminate discomfort through targeted exercise and complementary treatment programs.


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Top 6 Fitness Myths

If you asked a hundred people at a gym what information sources influenced their current fitness routine, you’d likely get a broad mix of good conversations and blank stares.

Some people do a version of what they see other people doing. Some do what they read about in a magazine or what they were told to do in gym class many years (or decades) ago.

Still others choose a blend of guidance from a trainer and ideas they gather from their favorite fitness websites.

What nearly all of these people would agree on, however, is the importance of efficiency. No one wants to spin their wheels during their workout time. They want results! This said, not all fitness routines will get you there in the fastest (or safest) way with the best outcomes.


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The Three As of Intensity: Active, Aerobic and Anaerobic

If you’re like the average American, you probably consider yourself an “active” individual. In fact, 2 out of 3 people claim that.

In actuality, however, only about 5% truly fit that label.

Contrary to what most people would think, it’s not just about how many times we hit the gym each week or even what we do when we’re there.

Being active is about movement as well as exercise. It’s the total sum of our activity - in other words, how much time we’re not sedentary.

Once we’ve understood this general principle, we can look at the three intensity levels of our total sum activity: Active, Aerobic and Anaerobic. While all are critical for our health, each creates distinctive changes in the body’s metabolism. When we understand how each of these intensity levels affects us, we can make better choices about our movement and exercise priorities.

Let’s break down these intensity level categories for a better look at their specific characteristics and impact.


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What Can Yoga Add to Your Weight Loss Journey?

It’s easy to get stuck in a traditional sense of what constitutes “exercise" - especially when weight loss is our goal.

We want to make our time and effort count. We don’t want to settle for “less than” in our fitness endeavors.

Our commitment to weight loss, however, doesn’t have to be the unrelenting grind we sometimes envision it to be.

Getting healthy is about living more vibrantly in our bodies. This includes building strength and cardiovascular endurance through appropriately intensive exercise, but it also means working with a foundation of ample movement each and every day as well as cultivating stress management and self-awareness.

Would it surprise you to hear that yoga can offer all of the aforementioned benefits? Read on to learn how the extensive varieties and benefits of yoga practice can support your weight loss and transformation journey!


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5 Fitness Trends Worth Trying

As helpful as a regular exercise routine can be, sometimes we benefit from shaking things up.

At times, it's a matter of rebooting our motivation with some sorely-needed novelty. Other times, we're looking to bust through a fitness plateau by offering our bodies new varieties of input.

The great thing about fitness is there's always something to match every physical goal or personal preference.

Wherever you are in your fitness journey, let yourself explore the immense array of exercise options - those you're familiar with and those you've maybe never even heard of! Observe fitness classes, talk to club trainers, and consider these recent trends for giving your program the boost it needs! 


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Why Exercise Isn't Enough

How active you are really?

Take a minute to consider this. How much of a day's time are you actually engaged in movement?

Are you on your feet and moving around all day long, or are you just busy with activities that keep you locked into a desk chair or a driver’s seat?

For many years, we’ve heard we should get 2.5 hours of exercise each week to maintain our health. With a goal of 2.5 hours of exercise per week and a target of eight hours of sleep each night, that leaves us with 109.5 hours left.

Is it okay to sit for those hours as long as we put in our “requisite” exercise? What if we exercise for an hour six days per week and sit for the rest of the time? Is that okay as long as we train hard when we do work out?


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