How to Get Lean and Toned For Life
Monday, January 8, 2018
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If you’re new to working out or feel like you’re doing everything right with your workouts and nutrition, but not seeing results — I’d like to invite you to join me for my new Lean + Tone program.  

I'm Coach Anika, and as a registered dietitian, personal trainer and wellness coach, I’ve helped tens of thousands of Life Time members reach their goals; individuals who tried everything but couldn’t shed those last few pounds, beginners who had no idea where to start or what to eat or how to move, even gym rats and athletes who had no problem getting to the gym but were doing the wrong things (often too intense and too often) to get to the results they were looking for. For some, ironically, they needed to eat more and move less. 

Because of the countless successes I’ve had with my clients, when I see new (and long-time) members frustrated in the gym, I always want to personally show them why they won’t get results with the exercises they’re currently doing. 

And when I stop in the café and see people confused about their food choices, I wish I could offer my tried-and-true menu and give them a personalized plan. Because as a dietitian, I know which shakes, snacks and meal options will get people results they’re looking for.

That’s why I created the Lean + Tone program. I want every member to have the ability to learn exactly what to eat and how to exercise effectively and efficiently. Not only to help people get through a plateau, but so they’ll have the fundamentals of healthy eating and a go-to workout — for life — that can always be built upon, no matter where they’re at with their fitness level. I also love that this is a plan you can do with your whole family — even through holidays or travel. 

In this free 3-week online program, you’ll experience what it’s like to be coached by me 3 days a week — without all of the inconvenience of meeting in-person. Think of me as your own personal trainer and dietitian as l guide you through the right way to exercise and eat to get lean and toned. I’ll also share with you the one must-do after working out to achieve lasting results. 

You’ll no longer wonder if you’re doing something wrong with your exercise and nutrition — you’ll know you’re doing it right, because you’ll see and feel the results. You can expect to lose anywhere from 5 to 7 inches from your waist, hips, butt, upper arm and legs. Although we don’t focus on the scale, you may see a 3 to 7 pound weight loss. You’ll also definitely notice that your clothes will start to look and feel better.

Plus, if you ever have questions, you’ll have unlimited online access to my team of coaches — just reach out via email anytime, and you’ll receive one-on-one guidance. 


The 3-week online program includes:

Listen to the invitational — and get ready to start this program with me.

 Terms of Use  |  Privacy Policy 


About Lean + Tone 
Developed by Coach Anika, this program is modeled after her protocol with her personal clients that are ready to lose weight and inches. It follows her non-negotiable’s that she creates with each client around what they specifically need to do with their nutrition and exercise — all wrapped up into 3 weeks. And it’s the same program she’d take you through if you hired her 3 days a week as a dietitian and personal trainer.

Who should join? 
Most who join are looking to lose inches and weight. Anyone new to the fitness and nutrition world or those who are experienced in working out at the club, but just not seeing results should join this class. If you feel stuck and have tried everything else and still not seeing results or even weight gain — this class will help to build your nutrition and fitness base, so you can see and feel success.

How does it work? 
Sign up with your first name and email. You’ll immediately receive all the info you’ll need to get started including a 3-week meal plan, 3-week exercise guide and bonus videos that you can do at home or in the club. The workouts will focus on foundational movements that you can continue to build upon. Plus, plenty of additional bonus material with healthy life hacks. In addition, we’ll send you the class podcast via email with a few additional motivational emails each week. And you’ll have online access daily to the coaching team for accountability and support.

What are the expected results?
In this program, we literally measure results by inches lost, and you can expect to lose anywhere from 5 to 7 inches from your waist, hips, butt, upper arm and legs. Although we don’t focus on the scale, you may see a 3 to 7 pound weight loss. You’ll also definitely notice that your clothes will start to look and feel better.

What’s the science behind this program?
The goal of this program is to make fat loss easy on the body and that starts with food. Food sends a message every time you eat to your body and sends messages to your metabolism. About 2/3 of population have issues with dairy and gluten. Because they don’t do well for most people’s metabolism, they’re important to take out if you’re trying to look lean. Each meal is focused on getting optimal protein. Think of protein as feeding a lean body. If you want to look lean and feel great, you have to make sure it’s there — with the right balance of healthy fats and lots of fruits and veggies — and that’s why we add in the All in One shakes and Greens.

Do you need to buy the Lean + Tone Kit to see success?
No. You can absolutely sign up and use the meal plans and all of the other materials and resources. But if you want certainty, you should buy the Kit. The shakes are there to provide a meal replacement. From my 10 years of experience as a dietitian, personal trainer and wellness coach — I know from my clients who drank a healthy shake at breakfast, you are so much more likely to stick to the non-negotiables for the rest of the day. Plus, Life Time products are pharmaceutical-grade 3rd party tested, so you can have peace of mind about the ingredients.


What’s in the Lean + Tone Kit?

Vegan All in One Protein
If you’re looking for weight loss, your protein needs increase. And especially during this program, because we’ll be working out, I want to make sure people are getting enough protein to hold onto their lean tissue — to keep that lean and toned look. 

It’s also important that we get enough protein in throughout the day, which makes the protein powder so ideal. You’ll use the protein shake as a meal replacement and it contains everything you’d want from a healthy meal — a healthy fat, carb, multivitamin and multi-mineral, probiotic and prebiotic and fiber. You can mix it with water or unsweetened milk. 

In addition, because it’s vegan-based — created with a rice and pea protein — we eliminate all barriers to success if anyone has a dairy sensitivity.

Life Greens
We all know we should be getting in 9 to 11 servings of vegetables, but most of us struggle to even get in five. That why Life Greens is an added insurance policy to make sure you’re getting in enough, (includes nutrients from over 40 fruits and veggies) especially those antioxidants. Plus, it includes a prebiotic and enzymes which helps with digestion, immunity and decreases gut inflammation.

But what most people love is that it can curb your sweet tooth so easily (comes in double chocolate, cafe mocha and mixed berry) when you’re trying to eat more healthfully. Just add water to it or you can add it to a shake or coconut yogurt. My absolute favorite is the double chocolate.

Tape Measure
We use this lost nutrition and fitness art, because it works. Also, you’ll start to see the positive changes from nutrition and workouts with measurements and inches lost before seeing it on the scale — which can be a huge motivator. I’ll also teach you how to use it in your own home — like I would with my personal clients — which is a bonus in the Kit.


Success Stories

"I definitely feel much better than before. This was a little easier to follow than the detox program, and I loved the exercises that were included. I just feel better when I'm only putting good things into my body and working out with good exercises. My clothes fit better and my coworkers are really noticing a difference!" 

"I loved how accessible this program was. The workouts were easy — I could easily do them at home, which was important given unpredictable weather. The shakes are a delicious meal I looked forward to. The main take away was how I felt better with consistent workouts and clean eating." 

"I liked the set-up of the program. Easy to follow. Did use the Vegan Protein Plus and Life Greens (mocha) great for a sweet tooth. Reminded me of cappuccino coffee which I love. The recipes, smoothies and snacks were a great idea to help with meals. The exercises were great. Did help me to start losing weight again and tone more." 

"I started the program as a way to motivate myself to incorporate more weights into my workouts. Losing inches would also be a good thing! In retrospect, I think the thing that helped me most was that I developed a better understanding of how a personal trainer puts together a basic workout, then tailors it to the individual - making it more challenging as fitness improves. I lost a few inches despite enjoying a few dinners out and missing a few workouts. I also got some positive reinforcement during my annual physical, which just happened to coincide with the last week of the program. Finally, I have a new favorite healthy meal in the Creamy Tomato Soup with Turkey Meatballs. I adapted the recipe from the meal plan to make it a one-dish meal that is ready in 45 minutes with an Instant Pot and added fresh spinach for an extra veggie serving. Living a healthy lifestyle is an ongoing process. The Lean + Tone program is a great way to learn more about finding your own way to healthy." 

"After only just a few days of the Lean + Tone program, it was amazing how good I felt. I signed up for the Lean + Tone program in hopes of being a jump start to a lackluster workout routine and not-so-healthy all the time diet. Over just the 3 weeks, I noted a loss of about 3 inches overall, which I think is amazing. It is definitely helpful to see some type of improvement to keep you motivated. I have become much more conscious of the food and quantity of food I am putting in my body. This has been very helpful when going out to restaurants and looking more closely at the items on the menu and finding the better options available. The workouts provided were very easy to follow and I plan to incorporate into my work out routine. I look forward to taking what I have learned and continuing to put to use." 

"I was easily able to stick to the meal plans because I followed your advice and did the prep work on Sundays. I would have never had time during the week to do that. I did not see any results until the end of week 3. I lost 4 pounds in the 3 weeks. I also lost 1” off my chest, 1.5” off my waist and 1.5” off my hips. I have been working out consistently with a personal trainer for about 1 year but found week 2 and week 3 exercises quite challenging. I was definitely sweating and sore. I have continued the plan for an additional 3 weeks. I cannot imagine not starting my day with a protein shake. I add some collagen peptides to the protein and plant greens and prep that the night before so I can just throw it all in the blender. I don’t think I would have been as successful without the food prep. I am just too busy to get that done during the week. Thanks for a great program."  

"I loved the Lean + Tone Program! After completing the D.TOX program earlier this year, I was looking for something to help me continue the healthy habits that I started to develop. With a 6-month-old and a 4-year-old, I needed something that would be easy to work into my schedule. The morning shake was my favorite part of the program! I plan to continue this well after the program ends. The recipe suggestions were easy and FAST. Bonus points for being so good that my 4-year-old even loved them. I also really liked the structure of the workouts. I felt like it was possible to get in a really good workout without having to spend hours in the gym. I’m looking forward to continuing the Lean + Tone program!" 

"The Lean + Tone Program was a great way for me to focus on fitness, especially the nutrition aspect. As we all know, weight loss happens in the kitchen, but looking and feeling toned is affected SO much by our diet. The program has an easy to follow meal plan (and DELICIOUS) that took away bloating, and the exercise plan was easily done at home if I couldn’t make it to the club that day. I love how Anika checks in weekly and is available to answer questions." 

"This was a great program for me to jump-start my commitment of refocusing on ME for 2018. Having a detailed plan for each day, both nutrition and workouts, was very helpful. Eliminating dairy (one of the non-negotiables) uncovered an underlying sensitivity, and after years of not being sure what was going on, I think I've figured it out...and am largely feeling better than ever. Focusing on metrics other than weight was also a plus. I am continuing the daily shakes, some of the non-negotiables, and the weekly measurements. Thank you for putting this program together so thoughtfully. It really is a good one." 

"When I initially saw the Lean + Tone program, the first thing I thought was how simple this program would be to follow. And for me, that is HUGE because I work full time and I need simple. The Non-Negotiable list went right on the front of my fridge! The grocery list was wonderful and helped me prepare for the week. I also liked the recommendations on which foods to batch cook so when I got home late and was hungry I could have food ready in minutes.  While I did not lose a lot of pounds during the 3-week program, I did lose several inches in my hips and waist. I signed up for the next L+T session and am continuing to follow the program."  

"I've always been a very active person. Growing up I swam, played basketball and softball. But once I graduated high school and stopped playing sports, I realized that I needed to stay active if I wanted to look the way I looked in high school. So my mom put me on her membership at LT and I fell in love. I loved being able to make up my own workouts and having any machine I wanted to use was great. This was four years ago, and I was a healthy, fit girl who loved to binge eat ice cream and chocolate. Fast forward three years, I am still that girl, but I have hit a plateau and I can’t find anything that helps me. When my mom asked if I wanted to try the Lean + Tone program, I was hesitant at first because I didn’t want to try something and not have it work again. I was tired of not seeing any results. But let me say after three weeks of strict meal plans and tripling the amount of protein I was getting in my diet, I feel AMAZING! There are no other words to describe it. Since the beginning of the year (Jan. 1) I have lost six pounds! That’s more than I lost over almost a year. And I can finally start seeing definition in my muscles, and that makes me extremely happy. I finally am seeing my abs that have been hiding for so long! This program has given me the confidence I’ve been looking for. Thank you, Anika, for making me feel confident again!!" 

"The Lean + Tone Program is the first program that I have looked forward to following every day. I am used to my food being quite repetitive and following the Lean + Tone food plan was so much fun.  I enjoyed making all of the recipes and they were delicious and filling! The protein shakes in the morning kept me going through my morning workout and all the way until a late lunch. I will definitely hang on to these recipes and continue to use them." 


* Disclaimer:

The Lean + Tone program and materials are for educational use only and should not be considered or used as a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Responses to the Lean + Tone program will vary based on individual characteristics. Participants should seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health care provider with any questions regarding personal health or medical conditions or before beginning any new exercise or nutritional program. You expressly assume any and all risks of injury relating to the Lean + Tone program and release Life Time Fitness, Inc. from any and all claims arising out of such injury.

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