30-Minute or Less Full-Body Fat-Burning Workout
Friday, January 12, 2018
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Let me help you with that New Year’s commitment (aka resolution) of yours to lose weight. Want to know one of the most effective ways to improve your tone and physique (look and shape of your body)?

Add 2 to 3 days of resistance training into your week.

It’s common to feel overwhelmed at the thought of working out. When we hear the words “work out,” I think most people assume long, intense cardio sessions are in order. When in actuality, you can start to feel and see positive changes — and be on your way to improving your body composition — just by adding in a few days of moderate resistance training.

Resistance training is arguably the most effective type of exercise to benefit metabolism. When we lift weights (body weight or actual), muscle is gained. And a positive side effect is a metabolism that burns more calories.

So it’s no wonder why the fitness industry is exploding with various online exercises and the latest quick workout videos, plus they’re fun and leave you feeling accomplished.

For many people, these easy-to-follow, at-home workout videos are a great way to start incorporating activity into their week. A consistent workout routine — even just 2 to 3 days a week — can yield better results than a progressive workout program that is inconsistent.

That’s why this week we’re featuring a great full-body workout that requires zero equipment so you can do it anywhere. No excuses for postponing your workout.

Efficient full-body workouts can be great to include in a training program, especially on days when you are a bit more pressed for time or for those who are starting to work out again (welcome back, you New Year committers!).

Before you get started, there are 3 things to know to best guide your weekly workouts:


It’s easy, especially when first getting started, to want to make up for lost time and push your limits. It’s critical to ease into your exercise program with caution, warm up and cool down appropriately, and incorporate active recovery and complete rest days. A proper metabolic warm-up may increase fat burn by 20% to 50%. Allowing your muscles to adapt to workouts and properly recover is just as important as the workout itself.


For optimal results, not only for weight loss but overall health, fitness and lifestyle improvements, incorporating the 6 foundational movements is key. Squat, lunge, push, pull, rotation and hinge are movements that should be integrated throughout your weekly workouts to help build balance, stability and strength. In addition, performing more compound lifts (involving more than one muscle group, e.g., bench press) is not only more time efficient, but will help yield the greatest change in less time.

Compound exercises are also beneficial in that they more closely mimic everyday activities (e.g., sitting, kneeling, lifting objects, etc.), and therefore may help prevent injury as well.


There’s no doubt that the most effective way of achieving results with minimal time wasted is to meet with a professional for a personalized, progressive exercise program. Gaining insight from assessments on your metabolism, muscle imbalances and current performance abilities provides awesome information to shape your program.

As a coach, it’s always interesting to me that what people want are fast results, yet they choose random exercises when they work out with no planned structure. This path quickly yields frustration and minimal change. The appeal of a one-size-fits-all exercise program and ease of access is tempting I know, but investing in more concrete program plans that change and adapt as you do will reap benefits before you know it. 

A personalized, progressive plan means that your workout program is built with phases. Depending on your goal and timeframe, you’ll want to spend 1 to 4 weeks in each phase created specific to your needs to train for endurance, strength, etc.

I’m all for incorporating fun and quick (efficient) workouts into my week to change things up from time to time, and the example below can be a fun workout for you to try!

The workout is split up into 3 supersets, meaning you do 10 to 12 reps of exercise a. followed by 10 to 12 reps of exercise b. without rest in between. Complete 1 set, then rest for 60 seconds and repeat that superset. Continue to superset 2 and then 3 for a quick and effective workout.


T H E   W O R K O U T

Superset ONE

a. Squat Jumps


b. Push-ups



— 60-second break, repeat 2 more times —


Superset TWO

a. Curtsy Lunges


b. Tricep dips

— 60-second break, repeat 2 more times —


Superset THREE

a. Kickbacks

b. Bicycle Crunches


— 60-second break, repeat 2 more times —


Interested in a personalized exercise program? Send us an email at lifetimeweightloss@lt.life.


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