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Investing in What Matters Most


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If someone would have told me a year ago that at age 42 I would adapt to eating clean, give up beer and start my day by doing yoga and meditation I probably would have responded with a “there is no way I can commit to that type of change.” Now, as I near the end of this transformation journey I realize that it wasn’t about giving up, it was about investment in the things that matter most to me. My journey to change actually started a few months prior to this challenge, where I had decided to start a daily meditation practice to help with trying to balance a stressful sales job and family. After focusing on training my mind I knew it was time to get serious about training at the gym. In July 2015 I had my first personal training session with Caleb Lucas (LTF Personal Trainer). My goals were to learn the proper technique for squats and deadlifts. My first session with Caleb was legs and I could tell right away that Caleb had the patience and knowledge to teach me how to get serious about training and reach my goals. The hard work I was dedicating to the gym and my sessions with Caleb were paying off. I was able to do a full squat with proper form, my range of motion and flexibility increased tremendously, I was able to sit in lotus pose for 10 mins while meditating. I remember Caleb saying to me “Mike you have made some great progress over the past couple of months but with a change to your diet and eliminating beer, the results would be off the charts. In January 2015, several months into my new training (body & mind) regimen I really started to notice a change in my relationship with my family. I attribute this to my calmness and ability to “be in the moment” due to meditation. I also started to really think about Caleb’s words on changing my diet/eliminating beer you will see a real change in your body and mind. The week before Super Bowl Sunday I told Caleb, “I want to sign up for the Transformation Challenge and I am going to give this thing all I have for the next 90 days because if I enter I am entering to wi.” I was entering to be a role model for children and to challenge myself to make positive changes that would align with my goals bringing balance to my life. Caleb and I set a goal to go from 23%BF to 7% which I thought was impossible. My biggest obstacle was my travel schedule for work, I have traveled over 39,251 miles in 2016. How was I going to eat clean, not drink beer and keep an exercise schedule while traveling? I talked to Caleb and James (head Personal Trainer) who would both give me advice on how to stay focused while traveling. 30 days into the challenge I had a routine of how to find healthy foods while traveling and instead of hanging late with coworkers having drinks, I was up at 5am in the hotel gym. I actually woke up on one trip to California at 2am to hit the gym before a flight back home at 7. The guidance and coaching from Caleb was paying off. I dropped 50% of my body fat in the first month. The reaction from my coworkers/family about the differences they were seeing provided the positive energy I needed to keep grinding. By the halfway point of the competition I was at 10%BF and I felt amazing. No more headaches, snoring and the tendinitis in my right elbow was gone. I was preparing meals at home and eating 6 meals a day, waking up at 5:30 without an alarm clock with so much energy. The “crabbiness” I would experience before the competition when I got home from work was also gone. I wanted to do things with my kids. I had finally achieved the balance you hear people talk about that almost seems like an urban legend. This was all related to eating clean, no drinking beer and my workouts. Last week I weighed in at 7%BF. I stepped off the scale with the biggest smile and adrenaline rush, I ran over to Caleb and gave him the biggest hug. I had successfully achieved the goal we set at the beginning that I thought was unreachable. He said, “You did it and goals were meant to be broken.” We still have time left, keep working, I am so proud of you and the rest of the trainers here cannot believe the progress and commitment you have put into this challenge.” One of the highlights of this journey was running into my doctor at the gym who commented that he had not seen me in months. He also asked how my annual sinus infection was. I said I did not have one this year and went on to tell him about the other health issues I used to have that were no longer affecting me. He could not believe it and commented on how great I looked. The best part was I now had my doctor asking me what I had changed to feel and look so great! The investment I made in this challenge 90 days ago has changed my life. That may sound cliche but it’s the truth. I went from a guy in good shape to a healthy 42-year-old man who has achieved balance in my body/mind. Participating in this challenge was like finding my fountain of youth. I cannot wait to start working on getting even stronger. Thank you, LTF!!!

Our next challenge begins August 20th and registration is now open.  Will you be our next success story? Click to sign up below.

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