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How To Double or Even Triple The Amount Of Fat You Burn During Exercise

We are starting a new CardioBurn Program January 25th.  This is a free program designed to teach you the secret formula that will help you burn more fat per calorie when you exercise.

But the benefits start right now, and you learn the secret formula immediately.

What You Will Learn When You Enter Your Email:

  1. The exact percentage of time you need to spend in upper heart rate zones working on improving your fitness and how much time you need to spend in lower heart rate zones where you burning a lot of fat.  This is the formula.
  2. The 5 different heart rate zones and what you feel like in each one.  The reason this is important is that when you know what a certain zone "feels" like it is super easy to train in the right zone.
  3. How to structure single workouts or a week or month of workouts to help you burn more fat per calorie, both immediately and over time.  As you keep following this structure, your percentage of fat burned will increase and your fitness level will improve.
  4. How to burn more fat per calorie during strength training workouts.
  5. Recipe guides and meal plans that help support your exercise strategies to burn more fat. Certain foods literally program your metabolism to use fat as an energy source.  When you use fat as your primary energy source, you lose weight more quickly and predictably.

The two virtual classes will be held via phone on Wednesday, January 25th and Wednesday Febuary 1st at 3pm CST.  We will send you the call information in the days leading up to the classes.  We will also be sending a replay link to everyone, so if you are unable to attend the phone call time, please still join the class!  By the start of the class you will already know the secret formula and will be putting it to work.

You also get direct access to Coach Dan, an expert on Metabolic Training.  What that means is any email you get from the program, just hit reply and Coach Dan will get you 100% on the right track where you are making consistent progress.

Registration is now closed.



Once you've signed up, you'll receive a confirmation email.  If you've signed up and haven't received the confirmation email or if you have any questions about the program, please email

The Active Metabolic Assessment can be purchased to help enhance results by providing you with personalized heart rate zones including how much fat is burned in each zone as well as a personalized exercise plan to ensure you burn fat and not just time.  By entering code CoachD60 in the promo code box at checkout and pressing Apply, you can SAVE $60.  This offer expires at the end of the day January 25th.  But why wait to learn how your body burns fat during exercise? 

What previous CardioBurn Program participants are saying:

Hi Coach Dan, I have really enjoyed the cardio burn information you have given us over the past couple of weeks.  I did my first  AMA test today; Yeah!!  I feel like I'm on my way to good health and doing it the proper way.  Thanks for all you help and support. 

Coach Dan - Thank you for all of your help!  I believe your suggestions are completely changing my way of working out for the better! Thanks again!

 Amazing!!  Thank you so much.  Implementing this workout starting tomorrow (already did today).   Appreciate it greatly!  Thanks also for proposing an explanation re: the difficulty getting the pulse rate all the way up.  And thank you for including Coach Anika in the conversation.  Your assistance and expertise is greatly appreciated! 

Hi Coach Dan.  I'm fairly new to using actual routines (similar to the sample that was provided during this class) for cardio workouts but found them to be very helpful when trying to lose some weight/body fat.  As a matter of fact, my husband and I have employed the provided sample in our cardio workouts and already saw some results, a few lbs lost even after one week.  Thank you very much! 

Coach Dan - I have been reading your emails.  But, for the first time I understood my zones.   I am happy to report to you I am working out according to your instructions and I have lost 5 pounds so far. This article is excellent and very clear on how to exercise in different zones.  Thanks a lot. You are doing a great service to mankind.


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