7 Mantras of Highly Successful Weight Loss Clients
Thursday, March 3, 2016
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Sometimes all you need is a little nugget to stay on your current plan - or even to gather that pivotal bit of motivation to get started.

Inspirational messages can be extremely powerful in your journey, particularly when you allow yourself to home in on a personally relevant few and work them into your daily consciousness. Just as we change the various aspects of our lifestyle through repetition, so we shift our mindset the same way.

Enter the power of the mantra - a phrase that, when regularly repeated, becomes a geuinely held belief.

Below are 7 mantras shared by members behind the Life Time Weight Loss success stories. All are short enough to memorize and potent enough to recast our self-beliefs toward personal success. Which one grabs your attention?

What is a mantra, and how can it help me lose weight?

Mantras can be powerful tools to use throughout any weight loss journey. They are often described as inspirational phrases to be repeated consistently (and in some contexts ritually) over time. They are intended to change your thinking and/or self-concept. I like using mantras with my clients because these sayings often shift their focus from the number on the scale to believing in their ultimate ability to reach their goal. Mantras build confidence in establishing healthier behaviors with food, fitness and lifestyle in general.  

Once you’ve selected a mantra that suits you, try memorizing it and repeating it (out loud or in your head) at least daily - and in particular times of need. I often suggest writing it down on a brightly colored piece of paper and posting it in places where you’ll see it – whether it be your mirror, your fridge or even as the wallpaper on your computer.

Do you have a weight loss mantra? Check out 7 of our favorites....

I can cheat tomorrow.

This one often catches people off guard, but I've had many clients tell me it's a linchpin for their staying power. We all come across those times when we want to cheat or throw in the towel. Although with most of my clients, I usually plan in some “less structured” eating by following an 80/20 rule (focusing on eating well 80% of the time), sometimes certain events or even certain people might influence you to stray from your new routine or even drag you entirely off course. Working with this mantra often helps my clients in this scenario because it offers gratification or comfort in the “prospect” of cheating even though by the time tomorrow comes, they longer want to practice the unhealthy behavior they desired the day prior.  

You are not fat, you have fat.

It’s a shame that the word “fat” has become a descriptor for how people identify themselves. Don’t let your percentage of body fat define you. Know there is a reason your body is holding onto the fat is has. Repeat this mantra anytime you're caught in the throes of negative self-talk or have challenging thoughts about your body. If you're on a plan, remind yourself that you're in the active process of changing and helping your body break down and eliminate that fat.

Stop trying to lose weight.

When past clients have stopped focusing on their overarching goal, and instead, focused on getting healthy - and practicing behaviors that help them become healthier - the weight tends to fall off. Try repeating this mantra when you feel unsuccessful after a weigh-in.

People who work out the same and eat the same, don’t always look the same.

This may be one of my favorite mantas to share. In a society where social media and celebrity transformations play up (and even distort) images of "health" and weight loss, we're always wanting to know what people did to see such success, hoping to copy and repeat their success. I’ve also had clients complain about personal friends who practice unhealthy behaviors but look amazing. They wonder why they don’t look the same even though they're eating better and living a healthier lifestyle. This mantra can be a great reminder that we are all unique and have a different metabolic picture.

There is no diet that will do what healthy eating does.

When I counsel clients, I traditionally try to switch their use of the word "diet" to that of a noun rather than a verb. The average consumer will attempt to "diet" several times each year to lose weight. And when a new diet or eating style comes out every season, the heavy marketing around it on TV, Internet or magazines can make it hard to miss. I often have clients who get frustrated listening to their friends drop weight fast by doing juice cleanses or trying the latest hyped strategy du jour all while my clients are making steady and healthy changes to lose weight. Repeat this mantra if you find yourself in the same situation as a reminder that you're doing it the right and sustainable way. Unlike the fad plans, you're using a program that is helping you lose the right kind of weight and keep it off for good.

It’s a slow process, don’t make it slower by quitting.

Every great weight loss journey includes a time or two (or ten!) when you want to quit. This most often comes once you’ve hit a plateau and can't shake it. It also can come when you're seeing results but they aren't as dramatic as you’d like them to be. Many of my clients often remind themselves how long it took to gain the weight in the first place in order to challenge any negative thoughts they have around their success. This mantra can come in handy during those times as well as in the beginning phase of your weight loss journey. Every body is different in how it gains and loses weight. Reminding yourself that quitting is the best way to ensure zero progress might be all you need to stay on track.

“Motivation is what gets you started; habit is what keeps you going.”  – Jim Ryan

I used to share this mantra during every single consultation I did when working inside our fitness clubs. Usually some sort of motivating event or goal sparks the desire to lose weight, whether it be a wedding, class reunion, etc. That spark is what gets people to commit to a plan to begin with. However, habits are what we need to practice to ensure we're truly creating a permanent lifestyle change. This is a great mantra to repeat throughout your entire journey - even after you finally hit your weight loss goal! 

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In health, Anika Christ, Senior Program Manager of Life Time Weight Loss

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