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Learn The Exact Formula To Get Strong and Cut Quickly

We have a new, complimentary program from Life Time Personal Training.

It's called Strength Stack, and the purpose of the program is to get you stronger, in a quick and healthy way.

The tone of the class is very direct. You go 100% in and follow our lead. If you do, you'll get the results you are looking for. Which is increased muscle or muscle tone. And a sharp increase in the fat you burn.

The secret to this program is that when you work your muscles the RIGHT way, you create a fat burning engine that runs 24 hours a day. You'll burn fat when you sleep.

This program is for both men and women. And is led by the top trainer in our company. The same guy who trains our CEO each week will be training you, virtually.

After you take this course, you will learn how to workout in a way that minimizes injury, and helps you become stronger. Which makes you feel great, and look great. If you want bigger muscles and a smaller belly, sign up below.

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Program Overview:

The Strength Stack Program is gearted at getting you stronger, in a quick and healthy way.

Once you sign up, you’ll get access to the following:

  • 3 telephonic classes over the course of 3 weeks
    • Held on Tuesdays starting February 28th at 2 pm PST/5 pm EST
    • Classes will be recorded and participants will be sent a replay link in case they can’t listen to it live
  • Program materials including:
    • Exercise Plan
    • Meal Plan
    • Access to Coach Cliff and the Strength Stack Team via email for extra accountability and motivation through coaching


"Strength Stack was designed using the key principles I've been using with my clients and myself over the last decade.  If your goal is to look strong and lean and like the person on the cover of a fitness magazine, this program is for you"  -Coach Cliff

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