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5 Truths Behind Every Life Time Weight Loss Success Story

Every weight loss experience is so different and unique, as each person comes from various walks in life. Despite their differences though, what our thousands of success stories have shown us is that there are certain themes that resonate in so many of them.

Losing weight is not the primary obstacle that needs to be overcome. Weight loss is the outcome of conquering other, deeper, obstacles that have led to and/or facilitated the weight gain in the first place.

Read on to discover five of the most common things that your fellow members shared as part of their success stories.

The End Goal is Not a Number

When it comes to weight loss, most people have one goal in mind: to lose weight. If they’re more dialed in  wit their goal, they might have a set number in mind too. Having a goal weight range is an important stat, don’t get me wrong, but the downfall of a specific number is how much it can start to define you, your life, and your sense of accomplishment.

All too often I’ve seen how the scale can take over someone’s mindset and send them in a downward spiral of chasing “happiness” via weight loss. However, it turns into a unfulfilling journey. Their week of making great nutrition choices, having quality workout sessions and sleep improvement was all squashed when the scale told them they “only” lost one pound. Losing 10, 20 or 100+ pounds can quickly turn from an insightful objective, to a negative mental and physical battle with yourself.

There’s a deeper meaning behind losing the weight, and finding out what that is for you is what will actually be your goal to obtain. For one of our 90-Day Challenge/60-Day Challenge finalists, her motivation and reason for losing weight was to confidently participate in a mother/daughter dance recital and be able to lift, twirl and freely dance with her daughter. For her, gaining strength, flexibility and better cardio endurance each day were steps towards that final recital and flowing gracefully on stage with her daughter. Her number on the scale wouldn’t hold meaning if she wasn’t able to have the confidence and dance skills she wanted.

For some of our member’s success stories, their weight loss started when it wasn’t even their goal — when the pounds lost per week wasn’t what they tracked or fretted over daily (or hourly). Rather, their weight loss happened when they owned it instead of it owning them. As a result, your body will start to function more efficiently and the scale (eventually) will mirror your efforts. Teresa from Des Moines, Iowa is proof.

 Teresa B. (Des Moines, IA)

They Don’t Go At It Alone

Stop and think---name one person (famous, ordinary, someone you know, a stranger, whoever) that was successful in life without enlisting support from others? I’m not saying it hasn’t happened. But it illustrates the importance of seeking guidance to achieve results most efficiently.

You may know a thing or two about how to work out correctly or how to eat healthy, but the truth is, we all benefit from having a coach who can give us a personalized, science-based program. Members credit their success to the fitness professionals they have worked with and how the CORE 3 method of Life Time provided assessments and plans that were tailored to their individual needs.

What we’ve seen time and time again is members utilizing the fitness professionals and the assessments available to them to craft their weight loss program. Having that definitive action plan, workout partner, accountability holder, and someone who is always there for them for guidance and support is what sets them apart from the rest. Those personal trainers become their life-line and like family. Sheri is a member who started her journey the moment she walked into Life Time, and she knew she needed help. Just over a year later, Sheri’s life has transformed into something she probably never imagined. And she’ll be the first to tell you it’s in large thanks to her trainer Brandyn and the countless other fitness professionals she enlisted for help in her journey.

Having support is crucial, and the more ways you can integrate others into your journey, the better. If you are currently in your weight loss journey or about to begin, ask yourself---Who am I going to enlist for support?

Sheri W. (Des Moines, IA)

They (Finally) Make Themselves a Priority

I was tired of putting myself last.” This self-discovery is quite revolutionary when it finally hits home for people. For some such as Derek from Flower Mound, Texas, it sparks the need for change. For others, it comes a few weeks into their weight loss journey as the reality of what losing weight actually requires, starts to sink in. And for some, it doesn’t come until they’re closer to their goal — when all of their healthy habits are coming full circle and they realize that somewhere along the way, this new life has shaped their lifestyle in a way that facilitates the adequate “me” time they’ve been searching for.

Each year, we hear how individuals have not only transformed into a better and happier version of themselves, but also how their relationships with others have improved. How they are now a better parent, a more loving and attentive spouse or a more committed working professional.

It’s the airplane mask analogy: you cannot help others before you help yourself. It’s members such as Derek that really make this come to life and inspire others to take the step in putting themselves first. As a self-employed husband and father to three children, he yearned for his inner marathon runner to be unleashed. Yet, only once he came to the realization that he’d finally had enough, was he able to focus on himself. One of the best parts of Derek’s story is that when he started to invest in himself, his family not only noticed, but they started to benefit as well.

This inner struggle of making time for yourself each day exists in us all to some degree. The first few days you may experience guilt, shame and other negative self-talk for using precious family time to go for a run or train at the gym. However, the realization you will quickly learn is that one hour can turn into 60 minutes of rejuvenation for you, and fun play time for your kids in the child center.

Where in your day will you commit 30 minutes or more to you? Put on your airplane mask before it’s too late.


Derek L. (Flower Mound, TX)

They Begin with a Nutrition Jump-Start

There are various ways to attack getting healthier such as implementing one new healthy habit at a time (i.e. taking daily multivitamin), OR more of a radical lifestyle overhaul upfront. Each definitely has its benefits. But a common theme for many people is that if they do not experience enough weight loss after putting in honest effort, they are unlikely to continue with those healthy behaviors such as eating more veggies or walking each day.

The Life Time D.TOXSM program has been very popular and very successful for many. Members benefit from having a set nutrition program and flexible meal plan, while their metabolism benefits from getting a jump-start from clearing out toxins. By learning how to improve their nutrition and fuel their body with ample, nutrient-dense foods, these are health habits they can maintain long-term.

One of the things that has proven to be very successful is to involve the whole family, rather than having this be a solo mission to get healthy. Integrate healthier eating into everyone’s meal, rather than making two different meals each day (one for you and one for the rest of the family). It will most likely require some conversations, dedication to your plan, and maybe some meal-time meltdowns from kids or family members not quite on board, but know it will get better. It will get easier. Our recent female weight loss category national winner, Mindy, is a great example of this: her kids are now raving fans of some of the healthy recipes!


Mindy B. (Summerlin, NV)

They Continue to Challenge Themselves

Some of the best success stories come from those who use the Challenge as a catalyst for a longer lifestyle change. For example, one 60-Day Challenge provides a great starting point, but they feel more improvement can be made by signing up for a second Challenge. This is displayed in participants such as Sheri, Teresa, Mike and countless others. As these members crushed goal after goal, they started to realize how much they needed something to work toward. A milestone may have been met, but a new one is on the horizon. Mike’s drive to get healthier for his kids sparked his next goal of running another marathon.

The people who continue to live out their healthy way of life rather than treating it like a fad-diet phase are the ones who reap the most reward. Even a “maintenance mode” phase is challenging and requires dedication and planning in order to be successful. That’s exactly why Mike continued Challenge after Challenge. Setting new goals each time, committing to those 60-days and consistently discovering his healthy balance in life.


Mike D.  (Chanhassen, MN)   

These five tactics from some of our amazing success stories definitely do not tell the whole story. But they run deep in member after member who achieve their starter goals. Maybe you’ve heard or contemplated integrating one or a few of these into your own life. If that is you, I challenge you to pick one. Start with just one of these truths from your fellow peers and watch how it impacts your life. Each of these five people were just like you not so long ago, reading a success story they never thought would be them. Our team is here for you with any questions you may have and would be happy to help you get started! Email us at

In health, Becca Hurt – Assistant Program Manager – Life Time Weight Loss

This article is not intended for the treatment or prevention of disease, nor as a substitute for medical treatment, nor as an alternative to medical advice. Use of recommendations in this and other articles is at the choice and risk of the reader.

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