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5 Reasons You Should Do a Weight Loss Competition

Humans are competitive by nature. We enjoy a challenge, and we love to win.

In our “want/need to lose weight" society, it’s no surprise that weight loss competitions have become so popular over the past several years. From a local pool with your coworkers all the way to a popular, dramatized T.V. show, these contests encourage keeping your eye on the prize.  

Unfortunately, many people dismiss the prospect of joining a competition because they feel they have no chance of actually winning.

In a weight loss competition, however, winning the challenge shouldn't be your only possible—and positive—outcome. Imagine what participating could do for your journey, and check out these five favorite reasons offered by our past 90-Day Challenge participants. 

Writing down your goal ups your chance for success.

There is just something about a written commitment that makes you more serious about a goal. In the 90-Day Challenge, participants get the chance to sit down with one of our health and fitness professionals to talk goals and get a plan together. 

When you take the time to set an objective that is realistic for you and to get advice from a professional, you’ll be much more likely to identify a reasonable, do-able plan to get you to your goal and to achieve long term success.

You don’t want to go into the Challenge just thinking you want to lose weight. You'll need to consider what habits you want to change or begin, such as eating a protein rich breakfast or more servings of vegetables each day.

You’ll benefit from a new set of tools.

You should always be refreshing and refilling your tool box when it comes to your health.

Any weight loss competition should help provide some of these tools to get you started. Throughout our 90-Day Challenge, participants get to experience weekly events called Try-it Tuesdays that are geared to introduce them to easy healthy eating or exercise tips that they can use on a regular basis. 

Participants also get weekly emails with reminder tips and education around the next upcoming Tuesday event.  If you're entering a local or workplace competition, encourage your coworkers to provide weekly strategies to each other or schedule some sort of weekly activity. 

You’ll enjoy camaraderie and accountability.

The best way to learn is from each other!

Weight loss competitions provide a community of people who are all in on the motivation. Everyone is there for similar reasons and wants to achieve certain goals. You're able to weigh in together, share successes and obstacles, and be with people who you know are going through the same experience. 

I’ve had many past participants of our 90-Day Challenge tell me they’ve met their best friends while doing a Try-it Tuesday class together. Building these types of relationships are helpful for finishing the Challenge as well as staying on track after the Challenge is over. It’s also important to grab hold of people you trust during your Challenge—people you can share your goals with as well as your struggles. During and after the actual competition, you can offer each other continued positivity and support.

Habit becomes habit becomes habit.

It takes time to break old habits and form new ones. Most weight loss challenges are around the 3 month/12 week mark for a reason. 

It not only provides a realistic time frame to see big changes in health and weight but also provides ample time to practice those new, life-changing recommendations over and over until they become habit. 

When thinking about changing your lifestyle, 90 days doesn’t always sound or feel like an intimidating "forever." Our 90-Day Challenge participants often focus on the light at the end of the tunnel. Once they get to the finish line, however, they are so used to those new habits that forever may not seem so bad!

You’ll gain the advantage of multiple finish lines.

A weight loss competition not only has one big finish line at the end but weekly ones as well, whether it be your weekly goal for weight loss or a weekly achievement of trying a new fitness class or healthy behavior. 

The point is, once you complete one goal, your motivation naturally increases to keep achieving them and encourages you to stay on your path.

And at the end of your weight loss challenge, you should be planning out your next goal. Past 90-Day challengers have described wanting to run a marathon or 5K or even compete in a fitness show. Whatever the goal, make sure you stick to your commitment (whether you achieve your initial goal or not) to enjoy the major sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. 

Thanks for reading, everybody! I hope you all join us for our next 90-Day! Talk to a member of our professional staff for more information, and register here to take the Challenge!

Written by Anika Christ – Senior Program Manager of Life Time Weight Loss

This article is not intended for the treatment or prevention of disease, nor as a substitute for medical treatment, nor as an alternative to medical advice. Use of recommendations in this and other articles is at the choice and risk of the reader.


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