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20 Ways to Boost Your Health – in 5 Minutes (or Less)

Some days it’s harder than others to feel progress and enthusiasm for our larger goals.

We’re tired. We’re overrun. Our normal schedules went out the window hours ago. On those days, we do well to let the big picture go and simply focus on the next right thing.

Lucky for us, major results come from small steps - seemingly inconsequential ones at that. It’s the confluence of these decisions throughout a day, however, that create the trajectory of change we’re looking for - a continual shift that spurs our gradual transformation.

For all those times when you pause during a breakneck-speed day wondering what you should do next or for the days when you could simply use a small win, check out these 5-minute health commitments!

* Whip together a protein and powdered greens shake for a sustainable energy boost.

* Call someone in your health-focused support network (e.g. weight loss coach, running buddy, workout partner, supportive friend) for encouragement. Recognize that others hold the hope for us on the days we can’t feel it.

* Work out the kinks with 5 minutes of foam rolling.

* Head to the backyard for 5 minutes of jump roping.

* Run up and down the side stairs of your office/work facility for 5 minutes, or make an excuse to “run” out to your car (on the far end of the lot, of course).

*Fit in two sprints up and down your street.

*See how many push-ups you can do in 5 minutes.

*Try any of these additional 5-minute exercises or corrective stretching routines.

*Plan tonight’s healthy menu. You’re more likely to eat well if you’ve settled on something in advance.

*Begin this weekend’s Healthy Way of Eating shopping list.

*Cut up 2 veggies you’ll pack for lunch over the next few days. (With a food processor, you can likely do 4 or more.)

*Make a 3-ingredient salad. (Let’s face it, the barrier is often thinking about all the ingredients we *should* put in it.)

*Do 5 minutes of yoga poses. Yoga videos or magazines often offer “routines” of 3-6 poses that target a particular objective (e.g. relaxation, restoration, strength) or specifc body part (e.g. hips, back).

*Pack your gym bag for tonight’s/tomorrow morning’s workout.

*Play time! Do 5 minutes of tag with the kids, 5 minutes of keep away or tug-of-war with that big dog of yours! Alternatively, try 5 minutes of a YouTube exercise video that looks interesting (e.g. Barre, belly dancing, kettlebell workouts, etc.).

*Throw together stew or chili ingredients in a crockpot for tonight's savory dinner or this week's healthy lunches.

*Walk out the door and get 5 minutes of sun and fresh air.

*Do 5 minutes of yard work (the more intense - e.g. digging holes, extracting tree stumps - the better).

*Take your supplements - with a nice big glass of water.

*Try a 5-minute meditation to elicit your body’s relaxation response.

Who feels better now?

Thanks for reading, everyone. Are you interested in learning more "small wins" that can support your journey each day? Talk with one of our fitness professionals or registered dietitians for additional 5-minute commitment ideas. 

Written by Jennifer Wannen, Content Manager

This article is not intended for the treatment or prevention of disease, nor as a substitute for medical treatment, nor as an alternative to medical advice. Use of recommendations in this and other articles is at the choice and risk of the reader.



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