Healthy Eating on the Road
Tuesday, June 23, 2015
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It's the prime time of year for hitting the road in search of great vacation vistas and much needed R&R. As vital as vacations are for our mental well-being, however, many of us find ourselves compromising on nutrition when we travel.

Being away from our routines (and our own kitchens!) can throw our weight loss efforts for a loop. Eating on the road - with its limited time and restaurant choices - is often the hardest part of keeping the commitment to a healthy diet.

The good news is, however, you don't have to lose your healthy habits at the next exit. Let's look at some ways to maintain a healthy way of eating when you head out on your next trip.

Best Option: Bring Your Own

Let’s face it: fast food and gas station fare is not IDEAL. By far, the best choice is BYO.

With a little planning and a few minutes of preparation, you can stock a snack bag full of healthy fare that will save money and spare your healthy eating goals.

Even if you don't pack it ahead of time, you can make a quick stop at the grocery store on your way out of town and find several of these choices ready-made. (Keep in mind some items require a cooler.) Another upside to packing your own: you can plan on enjoying your meal or snacks in the peace of a roadside park instead of a parking lot.

Preferable Pit Stop Fare

If we find ourselves needing to hit the fast food circuit, we can still make some decent choices. While fast food isn’t an ideal option, make the best of it when necessary by bringing a health-focused mindset to the menu. Consider these choices from popular restaurants.  



Burger King:

Carl’s Junior

Good Gas Station Choices

Good food from a gas station? While it won't live up to what you can pack on your own, you would be surprised at what you can find when you're willing to sift through the aisles of unhealthy items! You can't let the perfect be the enemy of the good here, but these options are proof you don't have to justify poor choices just because you're on the road.

Protein Bars (Be sure to compare labels - especially for sugar content.)

Assorted Nuts and Seeds

Jerky or Snack Sticks (Choose varieties that have the least additives. Go no-nitrate if you can find it, and watch for added sugars.)

Tuna Salad/Canned Tuna


Hardboiled Eggs

Greek Yogurt (Choose the lowest sugar variety you can find.)


Trail Mixes (Opt for mixes with no added sugar or candy.)

Freeze Dried Fruit

Oatmeal to Go (Again, be sure to check the labels. Some varieties contain more sugar than others.)

Are you interested in more ideas for maintaining your healthy routine during the summer travel season? Talk with a registered dietitian today.

Written by Melissa Stoner, Registered Dietitian and Weight Loss Coach

This article is not intended for the treatment or prevention of disease, nor as a substitute for medical treatment, nor as an alternative to medical advice. Use of recommendations in this and other articles is at the choice and risk of the reader.


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