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What Pilates Can Do for Detoxification

While many of our members understand the benefits of detoxification for health and weight loss, not as many know the key element exercise can play in the detox process and, specifically, how well Pilates serves this purpose. While nutritional choices like eliminating processed and allergenic foods and targeted supplementation options like those in Life Time’s D.TOX Kit can support the body’s natural detox defenses, the functional benefits of Pilates can likewise accelerate toxin release in our systems. Read on to find out how you can enhance your detoxification efforts, receive support through the advantage of Pilates instruction and boost your health and weight related goals!

Truth: Toxins love fat.

First, it’s important to know where toxins come from and how we accumulate them in order to understand how we can eliminate them from our systems. The simple fact is that toxins are everywhere. From the air we breathe to the food we eat, to even the lotions or perfumes we put on our bodies, they are nearly impossible to avoid. If not effectively expelled from our systems, they can keep us from achieving optimum health, hormonal balance and metabolic functioning.

When they enter our systems, toxins make fat cells their home. When fat wants to leave the cells for energy, the toxins keep a tight hold on it. It’s a cruel trick - and irony - of detoxification physiology. The more toxins we take in, the more toxins move into our fat cells, making it harder to move fat out of our cells and out for energy.

Time to D.TOX.

Certain detoxification programs have been shown to help support our bodies’ natural detox defenses systems. The result? We’re better able to handle the excess toxin loads so common with our modern environments and lifestyles. Our bodies have amazing ways of naturally promoting detoxification. The major organs responsible for these processes are the liver, kidneys, skin, intestinal tract, lungs and lymphatic system. The liver is our best protection against toxins. This powerhouse works hard to transform the fat-soluble toxins into a water-soluble format that will allow them to be removed from our bodies through the kidneys and intestinal tract. The kidneys act as major filters for toxins. Intestinal tract health is critical to the elimination of toxins and to preventing toxins from re-entering the bloodstream.

A regular, intensive detoxification program, such as Life Time’s D.TOX™, that factors in nutrition, lifestyle, supplementation and exercise will help support and enhance our bodies’ naturally occurring detoxification functions.

Add in Pilates.

Once you’ve started a detoxification program, it’s the perfect time to consider adding Pilates to the mix. But why Pilates, you might be wondering. Pilates is an exercise method that builds core strength, overall flexibility, muscular coordination and body symmetry. With gentle but challenging movements that focus on the core of the body, it teaches us to become aware of our postural balance and muscular weaknesses. It’s this focus on the core and symmetry that makes Pilates so complementary to detoxification.

When we think of detoxification, it’s helpful to imagine the lymphatic system as a garbage disposal network for carrying toxins out of the body. Our lymphatic circulation is supported by exercise, gravity, breathing and manual techniques like massage. Very generally speaking, more movement can mean better lymphatic release. However, it’s not simply a matter of movement quantity but also quality and variety. Pilates, in particular, focuses specifically on rebounding, articulation of the spine, twisting and contraction of the torso and extremities. As a result, the body’s lymphatic circulation is broadly stimulated. There’s powerful detoxifying potential in the lymphatic stimulation that comes with movement initiating from the core or torso and moving outward.

Another way Pilates helps to detoxify the body is through breath work. Again, the lungs are part of our bodies' complex detoxification network. The founder of the practice, Joseph Pilates, instructed that by performing full exhalations, dynamic pumping movements and flow, we can further support the elimination of toxins. Our internal systems benefit from the more efficient removal of these toxins, but we can likewise enjoy an “outward” boost as well through a detox-induced improvement in skin texture, tone and glow. The positive impact is bigger and broader than you might imagine!

The best support for our body’s detoxification is an integrated approach that utilizes the potential of clean eating, smart supplementation, ample movement and strategic exercise. We recommend Pilates for optimum detox impact!

Talk with our staff today about customizing a D.TOX regimen that can kickstart your weight loss and improve your wellbeing. Thanks for reading, everyone!

Written by Emma Reker - Regional Pilates Coordinator 

This article is not intended for the treatment or prevention of disease, nor as a substitute for medical treatment, nor as an alternative to medical advice. Use of recommendations in this and other articles is at the choice and risk of the reader.

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