Detox Made Simple: Part 3
Monday, February 4, 2013
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If you're still on the fence about detoxification, this might be the day that changes everything. First, let's review. In part one of this series, I uncovered the common sources of toxins we encounter in our everyday lives and the ways our bodies naturally detoxify themselves. Last week in part two, I shared how inefficiencies in the body's capacity to detoxify can negatively impact our weight, body composition, and overall health. Today, I’ll highlight some popular detoxification programs and examine their relative effectiveness and safety. Finally, I'm excited to also introduce Life Time's brand new D.TOX program and share the amazing results we found in participants who tested our D.TOX plan.

Detox Models

When you think of detoxification programs, what comes to mind? Some of the most popular plans focus on fasting, juice fasting, or colon cleanses/irrigations. They might not sound like the most enticing possibilities, and they’re not the healthiest or most effective either. I mentioned last week how crucial nutrition is to our body’s ability to naturally detoxify itself. Nutrients such as protein (including Glutathione, an antioxidant used in both phases of liver detoxification), minerals and antioxidants (fruits and vegetables, especially cruciferous types or garlic, onions, leeks) and fish oil are all critical in liver detoxification. Fasting, vegan/low protein diets, and/or mineral deficiencies actually slow down phases 1 and 2 of liver detoxification. Of course, we don’t want to SLOW down these phases of detoxification, since their very purpose is to help support the removal of toxins from the body.

When you do a juice fast, the inevitably high sugar intake (unless you consume only vegetable juices) will boost your body’s output of glucose and insulin, which primes your body to store more fat and curtail its ability to burn it. For those desiring weight or body fat changes, juice fasting is definitely not the ideal way to go. In sum, fasting and juice fasting aren't effective or safe methods to support our body’s detoxification processes. We not only dampen the body’s detoxification systems but also increase our risk for suppressing the immune system by severely restricting our intake of nutrients.

Colon cleanses may include irrigations, which are deep enemas to help flush wastes from the colon, or specific fiber and clay supplements to help bind toxins in the gut and stimulate their removal through elimination. First off, these programs only emphasize one organ of detoxification: the gastrointestinal tract. Our primary organ of detoxification, however, is the liver! Furthermore, we also need to support the kidneys, lungs, skin, and lymphatic system for the best detoxification results. Irrigations can even pose risks by potentially introducing bacteria into the colon and/or causing electrolyte imbalances. As for colon-based supplements, they may bind with minerals and contribute to nutrient deficiencies that further impair the body’s ability to properly detoxify. 

The D.TOX Alternative

The aforementioned detox programs typically only emphasize one facet or system. Effective detoxification, however, requires minimizing incoming toxin load as well as supporting ALL six organs of detoxification by way of proper nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle habits. This is where Life Time’s D.TOX program comes in. We strategically designed our D.TOX as a comprehensive program that targets all the points/factors addressed in this articles series. Here’s what you'll find in Life Time’s D.TOX plan.

A D.TOX Practical Guide

Nutritional Plan--See approved/non-approved food list, a full grocery store list, sample meal plan, and recipes posted to myPlan and our website at

Exercise & Lifestyle Plan--Receive guidance on the best types of exercise and lifestyle habits to include during the 14-day program

Guidance on how to “prepare” your body the week before you embark on your 14-day journey

Optional D.TOX Grocery Shopping Tour--For $25, walk the aisles with your club’s nutrition expert to help you determine what foods will help you be the most successful.

Nutrition Supplementation--Use Dairy-Free FastFuel protein powder, Detox nutrients, and FiberMend™ fiber powder twice daily to best support your organs of detoxification

Subjective Questionnaires--Find out how you're functioning BEFORE the program starts and again AFTER you complete the program to assess where you're at and see how far you've come with the D.TOX plan.

Optional Objective Assessment--Life Time's myHealthScoreâ„  assesses fasting glucose, lipids, and blood pressure.

3-Week Support Group--Receive additional education, motivation, accountability, and support from others going through the D.TOX with you.

Online Resources--Enjoy D.TOX recipes, daily journal pages, and additional information and research on the supplements included in this kit.

As always, we encourage you to consult with your physician before beginning any new nutritional or exercise program. For precautionary reasons, we don’t recommend the D.TOX program for individuals with the following circumstances.

Program Results

Curious about what Life Time’s D.TOX program can do for you? Let me share some of the outstanding results observed in participants who tested this program with us.

We also identified a significant improvement in digestive, joint/muscle, emotional, skin, and head/eyes/nose functioning.

Do these results sound good to you? Are you wondering how you can personally get started on what is assuredly the perfect boost for your health goals? You will find D.TOX kits available in our clubs’ Life Cafes starting Saturday, Feb. 9th. The D.TOX program is $219.99 with the opportunity to save 10% if you are working with one of Life Time’s fitness or nutrition professionals. Make sure to stop at the Fitness Services desk to inquire about the D.TOX program, and get registered for the Support Group and/or D.TOX grocery tour. I can’t wait to hear your personal success story with Life Time’s D.TOX program!

Written by Cindi Lockhart - Sr. Program Manager of Health and Nutrition Coaching

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