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What Makes A Great Support Group?

The New Year has officially started along with the thousands of “get-healthy” resolutions made by motivated individuals.  And for many of these individuals, a weight-loss inspired support group will serve as their most important tool to keep them motivated and on track towards their goal.  But with so many options and programs out there, what really makes a great support group when it comes to weight loss?  Read on below to learn our take on this popular weight loss solution and be sure to check out the Life Time Weight Loss Support Group at your nearest club!

1. Led by Experts.

Many of the weight loss support groups out there are not led by experts, but solely by an individual who has lost weight with that particular program.  But weight loss is different for everyone because of our unique metabolisms and lifestyles.  Choose a support group that is led by an expert in health, such as a personal trainer or registered dietitian, who have the experience working and helping a multitude of individuals with weight loss. 

2. Healthy Environment. 

The best support groups offer a friendly and inviting environment for participants in which they feel comfortable and open for discussion.  Because our support groups happen in our fitness locations, it also provides a health-promoting environment filled with people trying to be healthy, such as people exercising on the fitness floor, eating healthy in our Life Cafes, or relaxing in our Life Spa that provides extra motivation and solutions for their success.   

3. Full Body Approach.

Many people assume a weight loss support group focuses solely on nutrition or what to eat.  But our facilitators our experts in metabolism, exercise, nutrition, stress & sleep management and other lifestyle behaviors that are all crucial pieces to weight management and are consistently discussed in group.

4. Goal-Driven.

The best support groups encourage participants to set small goals on a weekly basis.  Our facilitator’s help participants set small goals that meet their confidence level as well as set them on the right path to achieving success towards their weight loss goal.

5. Official Weigh-Ins.

Although support groups are super supportive for goal setting, education and group support, the structure of the weigh in is also crucial for motivation and accountability.  Members of the Life Time Weight Loss Support Group get weekly, official weigh-ins each week that are entered into individuals My Plan profile.  

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