90 Day Challenge: Week 5 How-To Guide
Wednesday, September 5, 2012
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Week 5 is here, which means, one more week until the official midpoint of the challenge!  Below is this week’s how-to guide.  Read on to learn about the highlighted Try-it Tuesday as well as a new tool and assignment to keep that motivation going!

Tuesdays Rule!

Last week, 90-Day Challengers hit the pool with Aqua Fitness Day.  This day represented Life Time’s aqua aerobics classes and provided participants a safe environment to work their muscles and work on their aerobic conditioning.  Check out the below photo of an outdoor class held at the Tempe, AZ club.

This week, we hit the aisles of a local grocery store with a Life Time Nutrition Coach for a tour guide!  With the average store carrying over 45,000 different foods, they helped us decide which foods to put in the cart and which ones to leave on the shelves.  In case you weren’t able to make this trip, below are a few of the tips for grocery shopping.  Make sure to ask your local club Nutrition Coach when the next group tour is scheduled.

  1. The average supermarket carries 45,000 different foods - most of them are not healthy for you. 
  2. Fill your cart with items on the outside of the store.  Most grocery stores are set up with the whole, unprocessed foods on the outside of the store, while the processed foods live on the shelves on the inside of the store. 
  3. Stop by the produce section first.  Our diet should be made up mostly of fruits and veggies and if you fill your cart with those first, it leave less room for the less healthy foods.
  4. Don’t go hungry.  Any and all foods will sound like a good idea.
  5. Make a list based off of your planned meals for the next week or two.  Stick to your list.
  6. If packaged and labeled foods make it in your cart, always judge the food by the ingredient list first.  If it’s filled with unrecognizable or non-healthy ingredients, put it back on the shelf.

Top Tool to Learn

This week’s highlighted top tools to learn is the grocery list builder in myPlan.  This function within myPlan not only allows users to log their meals and foods, but to also add them to an ongoing grocery list.   That way, you can log or plan your meals first, add them to your personal grocery list and then have the ability to gauge exactly how much you need of everything.  You can also check out the recipes and recommended meals in myPlan and add those to your grocery list if something looks good!  If you made it to the grocery store tour, you were given the Eat Well Live Well grocery list – use that list as a starting point for your staples.

This Week’s Assignment

This week, repeat what you learned on the grocery store tour!  Whether you go back to the same store or another local favorite, try to only shop and choose the foods highlighted on the tour and recognize those foods as your new healthy staples, including lean proteins, fruits and vegetables and nuts and seeds.  For more support, read How to be an Expert Food Label Reader or Dirty 7 to help you determine if a packaged or processed food is healthy enough to make it in your cart.  Shopping for healthy food is just one step, so also take some time to fully plan and prepare your foods.  Many people choose Sunday or a day off of work to focus on all of this.  You can start your day by planning your meals for the week and making a grocery list, hitting the supermarket and then batch chop/prepare foods for the entire week so you can take less during it. 

Did you catch Aqua Fitness Day or the Grocery Store Tour?  Share your feedback below!

Written By Anika DeCoster - Asst Program Manager, LifeTime WeightLoss

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