90 Day Challenge: Week 3 How-To Guide
Monday, August 20, 2012
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Week three of the challenge begins today!  Below is this week’s how-to guide.  Read on to learn about the highlighted Try-it Tuesday as well as a new tool and assignment to keep that motivation going!

Tuesdays Rule!

Last week, thousands of participants gathered for Nutrition 101, our very first, nutrition-focused Tuesday event.  This event was led by the club’s weight loss and nutrition coach and taught 90-Day challengers exactly what they should be eating for the next few months to help support their weight loss goals and optimal health.  Life Time’s Nutrition Position focuses eating a diet rich in whole, natural foods and limiting the highly-processed and Standard American Diet (SAD) foods.    Knowing and doing are two different things, so if you need help with the “how” to eat right, reach out to your club’s nutrition and weight loss coach for a consultation on programs and services offered at your club.  In case you missed this week’s Tuesday event, below is a summary of the nutrition priorities that were shared:

  1. Drink enough water
  2. Eat Protein at every meal
  3. Aim for 5-6 cups of non-starchy vegetables each day
  4. Eat fruit, but not too much
  5. Be smart about Carbohydrates
  6. Limit SAD foods
  7. Take a high quality Multivitamin and Fish Oil

This week’s event is T.E.A.M. Weight Loss and will be hosted by one of your club’s T.E.A.M instructors! T.E.A.M Weight Loss is one of our signature, group training programs that incorporates education, exercise and nutrition into three highly motivating and energizing group sessions each week.  It’s perfect for an individual that thrives on the energy of a group, yet, wants the attention of both a fitness and nutrition professional.  Now is chance to try-it for free – make sure you RSVP for a spot and don’t forget to weigh in!  If you enjoy your workout, make sure to ask your instructor when the next 12-week T.E.A.M Weight Loss class begins at your club.

Top Tool to Learn

Last week’s highlighted tool was the LeaderBoard, created to provide a little friendly competition throughout the next few months.  Remember that if refreshes every Wednesday morning, showing the most updated weigh in stats and where you rank nationally and in your club compared to other participants. 

This week’s tool to learn and use is the Life Time Weight Loss fan page.  Our fan page is a great place to engage with other 90-Day participants as well as see photos and updates surrounding the events each week.  We also post our new articles and other nutrition tips and education throughout the week.  Whether you want to join the conversation with other participants or see if you can find yourself in the Tuesday event photos, make sure you “like” our fan page this week to keep connected.

This Week’s Assignment

Over the last couple of weeks, you’ve been encouraged to snap photos of your “before self” and “before refrigerator and food cupboards”.   We hope reading Refrigerator Makeover gave you some good insight and on how to improve what and how you store your food.  This week, we are keeping the team-trend going and encouraging you to find a support group or outlet.  Support groups are extremely beneficial for keeping you on track and providing you the right support when you need it.  Historically, this is the time during the challenge where participants might start falling off the wagon or giving into old habits.  If you have a designated support group or person, your chances of falling off are less likely.  Your support group will vary from other participants, for it could be the group your run with on Tuesday nights, people you pray with or even friends or family you’ve designated to call when you need some motivation or affirmation.  Whatever the case, finding the right support is essential and super beneficial to achieving your goals.  Need help finding a support group?  Ask your local weight loss and nutrition coach when the E.A.T group meets, Life Time’s weight loss support group. 

Do you have a support system or group that’s working?  Share your best outlet below!

Written By Anika DeCoster - Asst. Program Manager, LifeTime WeightLoss

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