5 Roadblocks to Success
Monday, December 3, 2012
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In a previous article, Stress, Resilience, and Removing Roadblocks, we met Ernie – a guy trying his hardest to lose the flab around his belly but not realizing much success.  In fact Ernie finds himself faced with several roadblocks.  Today’s article will address the biggest roadblocks and put Ernie back on the fast track to seeing results

Let’s get to the bottom of this situation.

Ernie’s work environment, sleep patterns, eating habits, and exercise routine are all putting undue stress on his body.  Psychological stress from his job zaps him of energy in spite of how stimulating his work environment may be; it keeps his nervous system on “high alert” for too many hours each day.  Broken sleep cycles disrupt normal physical and mental repair time on a nightly basis, leading to decreased effectiveness & focus at work and a more depressed mood.  Additionally, Ernie stresses his body daily to burn at least 1,000 calories no matter what his energy level or stress level is – which is in and of itself is a stressor.  Finally, a highly processed and imbalanced diet fails to nourish him enough to efficiently repair the damage being done during all of it!

Solutions for Ernie must address all the factors above, as failure to attend to one or all of them will not produce his desired results as quickly (or at all). 

Perhaps Ernie should consider a deeper assessment of his adrenal health, such as Life Time’s Adrenal Stress & Resilience Profile.  It will help him better understand whether his body is ready for positive adaptations and when those opportunities may be throughout his day according to his personal rhythm.  Without first assessing, he may be (at best) guessing how to approach the multitude of possible changes outlined above.  Achieving optimal health is a personal process for each of us, and using the best available assessments to shape that process is a certain way to set up success and thwart frustration. 

If you’ve experienced benefits in your own journey from taking the personal assessments or “quality over quantity” approach to exercise, please share your story below. 

Written by Paul Kriegler, RD/LD, CISSN – Life Time Weight Loss

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