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5 Reasons The 90-Day Challenge Rocked

5 Reasons Why the 90 Day Rocked

The pounds have been tallied and the winners have been crowned!  The 2012 Fall 90 Day Challenge has officially ended and will be marked one of the most successful events thus far.  If you are like us and not ready for the challenge to be over yet, read on to learn why this event rocked so much!   

1. Fit Happened    

Our challenge tagline definitely pulled through!  In three months, challengers lost a total of 32,000 pounds, making it one of our most successful Fall challenges to date, and helping us total over 80,000+ pounds to date for our 2012 events.  Here are some other rockstar stats we are proud of:

  • The average participant (who weighed in at least 2 times) lost at least 8 pounds
  • Our top 12 biggest losers together lost almost 800 pounds and averaged losing 25% of their body weight. 
  • Our national winners were both in their 40’s and both lost >27% of their body weight.  Read Lynda and Charles’ stories here.
  • Our Fridley, MN club participants lost almost 1,200 pounds

2. Tuesdays Ruled

Try-it Tuesday events still take the cake as a participant favorite of the challenge!  Each week, thousands of challengers participated to learn a new workout or strategy towards weight loss as well as engage in a fun environment to compete with fellow challengers.  Many participants credit Try-it Tuesdays as being the best tool for their weight loss journey and a great way to keep them using the club and staying accountable to the program.  What was your favorite Tuesday event?  The official line-up is being scheduled now for February so be sure to “weigh in” below if you have a favorite!

3. Your Vote Counted

We asked for your help and we sure got it!  This was our second time hosting the Fan Favorite competition in which our top male and female runner-ups have the opportunity to win prizes and be crowned Fan Favorite.  They offered up their stories, photos and glory to be voted on through our website.  Each of our Fan Favorite candidates deserved to win, with their unique stories on what got them past the finish line, but in the end, Eric from Eagan, MN and Keely from Westminster, CO garnered the most votes of the thousands submitted.  Read their amazing stories here!

4. Big Prizes

Although pursing optimal health should be the primary motivator for weight loss, a little cash and prizes can help put a little more skin in the game!  We gave away over $30,000 in cash and prizes this time, including $5,000 cash for each national winner and trips and memberships for both national and fan favorite winners. 

5. Commitment to Fitness

For many of our members, the 90 day challenge serves as a launchpad toward their healthy way of life journey.  In fact, many of our top losers expressed that this was their second or third 90 day challenge!  The best part of the 90 Day ending is reading the influx of success stories that come in from all of the successful participants.  Each story will be posted on our website and highlighted in a Flourish Newsletter to help orchestrate positive motivation for our followers. 

Are you ready for the 90 day to be over?  Mark your calendars for the next one, February 9th 2013!

Written by Anika DeCoster - Assistant Program Manager, Life Time Weight Loss

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