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Tuesday, January 3, 2012
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Written by Anika DeCoster, RD, CPT, CISSN – LifeTime WeightLoss

Bacon is hands-down, one of those most misguided foods of our time.   In fact, whenever I recommend adding it to one’s diet, I’m still surprised by how many people are in disbelief or respond with the silent, “Is she serious?” stare.   Scrutinized for decades, bacon has been given a bad reputation, often leading people to eliminate it completely from their diet.  But bacon is making a major comeback and it has the credentials to do so!  Whether you are a bacon lover or bacon-curious, read on below to find out the DO’s and DON’TS regarding this controversial food.  I hope it helps you decide to bring home the bacon this Tuesday!

DO purchase organic and pasture-raised.  This ensures the animal was raised in its natural environment and fed its normal diet.  Do your research around food companies and find out how they raise their animals or reach out to local farmers that practice sustainable farming to see if you can buy from them directly.

DON’T buy bacon that is cured or has synthetic nitrites and nitrates.  The industry standard is to use synthetic nitrites for curing meat, but industrial sodium nitrite is allowed to contain heavy metals, arsenic and lead.  No good!  Look for the words uncured and “no nitrates or nitrites added” on the label. 

DO consider bacon as a healthy way to boost protein!  Every ounce (about 3 ½ slices) contains nearly 10 grams.  A great add to any meal to support lean bodies and satiety throughout the day!

DON’T be scared of its fat content.  If purchased in a pasture-raised and organic form, bacon is loaded with natural saturated fat (a precursor to your sex, brain and other hormones) as well as CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) that promotes fat loss and formation of lean tissue.   Besides, your body needs fat!

DO savor its flavor and try preparing it different ways!  Its crispy texture and satisfying flavor suits most taste buds, but in my opinion, it tastes the best pan fried, cooked slowly over medium-low to medium heat.  Just make sure you turn it frequently and don’t burn it! 

DON’T just eat it at breakfast!  Most Americans only indulge in bacon at breakfast time, typically found next to its other controversial friend, the egg.  But bacon can complement any meal with its taste and texture and is a great way to vary up your traditional foods.  Chop it up in bits to add to your salad or vegetables at lunch or wrap your chicken breast or steak medallions for a nice dinner change!

What is your ode to bacon?  Share below your favorite way to eat it!

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