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Saturday Web Roundup - 12/31/11

Written by Tom Nikkola – Director of Nutrition & Weight Management

Happy New Year! I hope you all have a safe and enjoyable weekend. Monday begins weight loss season. I’ve you’ve been setting aside your exercise or nutrition plan with promises of getting going again in the New Year, it’s almost time to get started! Be sure to check out Wednesday’s article, 7 Keys to a Healthy New Year and act on the suggestions in the article. Be sure to take some photos as you get going on your program. Once you’ve leaned down, toned up and added a little muscle, you’ll be glad you have photos for comparison. Here are some of the interesting articles from around the web I came across this past week. Enjoy!

A few longtime vegetarians share how their perspectives have changed around eating meat in The Atlantic. It’s an interesting read.

The “latest and greatest” weight loss pill promises to burn the calorie equivalent of a 40 minute jog. Just do the job instead, or some other activity. It will be a lot better for your mind, body and spirit.

More evidence suggests Alzheimer’s disease progression can be slowed with better nutrition. Viewed by some as Type III diabetes, hopefully more people will understand there’s a pretty good chance Alzheimer’s is a result of years of feeding the body with poor quality nutrition, excessive carbohydrates and insufficient healthy fats. There isn’t conclusive proof nutrition is the cause, but the theory seems to be gaining more support.

Though it can be a good protein source, some evidence suggests milk consumption can be unhealthy, especially in early developmental years. A new study shows milk’s effect on insulin-like growth factor-I can present an issue for prenatal to adolescent kids. We touched on dairy earlier in the year (Dairy Confused) and saw how polarized people are on the topic.

Maybe author and nutritionist Jonny Bowden was a fortune-teller, or maybe he was just a smart guy. He shared his Top 10 Fitness and Nutrition Tips from 1998. This is a good one to end with because if you use Jonny’s advice as you move into the New Year (similar to what you’d expect to see on this site, except for his take on cardio and fat burning), you’ll be taking some wise steps toward health and fitness.

Share your thoughts on these articles and studies, or anything else you'd like to share in the comments section below.

Happy New Year everyone and thanks so much for reading.


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