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Q&A: How can I stay motivated?

Written by Tom Nikkola - Director of Nutrition & Weight Management

Hi Tom

I have kind of a unique question and hope this makes sense. I know I’m not in as great shape as I could be, but I have a hard time staying motivated because I still feel like I have better health than the people around me. Do you have any suggestions for staying motivated?

What a great question! You're not alone! The statistics on overweight and obesity are staggering. Seventy percent of the population is overweight or obese. We’ve steadily become more overweight each year, and in doing so, being overweight is now the new “normal weight.” Unfortunately, many people will look at themselves and say, “I’m not as bad as she is.” “I’m healthier than he is.” In comparing ourselves to other people, it’s easy to find others whose health and body composition are in a worse state than our own, and justify why we’re “okay.”

Based on your question, it looks like you’ve come to understand how easy it is to justify your current level of conditioning by looking at those around you. The people around us and the environment we live are constantly work against our goal of health and long-term weight management or weight loss. Pilar Gerasimo, editor of Experience Life magazine, and her team launched a website and initiated a movement called Being Healthy is a Revolutionary Act. Think about the name of the movement. Should it really be revolutionary to be healthy? Unfortunately, in today’s world, it is. The average person will face a number of health problems like heart disease, diabetes, poor digestive health, arthritis, thin hair, achy joints, joint replacements, chronic colds and flues and a future of dependence on drug therapies. The person who is “normal” by today’s standards has such a future to look forward to.

Who are you comparing yourself to? Who do you hang around with? If you don’t want the future the average American will face, you can’t accept the average American’s lifestyle or diet as okay, even if you’re not as bad as the person next to you.

If you have the habit of looking at others and saying “I’m not so bad compared to…”, stop making that mistake. Instead, ask yourself, am I has healthy as I could be? If not, take action now. You might also benefit from spending more time with those who make their health more of a priority. People who find success with their nutrition and health goals often do so by spending more time with like-minded people. You won’t be inspired to make the right decisions of those around you aren’t inspired either. You have one life to live. The quality of your life can be reduced or enhanced by choices within your control. In regards to health and body weight, normal is not healthy. In today’s world, it’s best to be among the minority, at least until being healthy becomes normal again.

If you want to stay motivated to become more healthy in an unhealthy world,

  • Only compare yourself against how healthy you could be, not against how healthy others are
  • Spend more time around people who place a high priority on their health and fitness
  • Understand the future in front of you if you follow the lifestyle and diet habits the average person has

Do what you can to be revolutionary, not ordinary. 

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The average person will face a number of health problems like heart disease, diabetes, poor digestive health, arthritis, thin hair, achy joints, joint replacements, chronic colds and flues, a future of dependence on drug therapies and a variety of other health problems.

November 18, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterWeight Loss Hypnosis

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