Try-It Tuesday: Go Grass-Fed
Tuesday, October 25, 2011
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Written by Anika DeCoster, RD, CPT, CISSN

Have you gone grass-fed yet?  This question brought for some fun discussion at my last book club meeting.  One of the gals in our club raises and sells grass-fed cattle on her farm (a dietitian’s dream for a best friend!) and had a customer return a recently purchased roast because he swore all he could taste was grass.  I had to laugh out loud, only because the first thought in my head was wondering if the gentleman could then also taste the corn, grains and soy your conventional, store-bought beef once ate.   Although I think the placebo effect might have struck in this case, it reminded me that maybe the general population views “grass-fed” as another up and coming nutrition trend or fad.  Sort of like the wheatgrass effect on many of us; we heard it was healthy, tried it (and maybe gagged) and then decided the taste wasn’t worth the health benefit.  However, this is not the case, so this week, if you haven’t already, go grass fed for all your beef products.  Here are a few reminder reasons on why to choose grass-fed:

  1. Allows for the animal to consume its traditional diet.  Cattle are not meant to eat grains and similar to humans, we continue to see a negative impact on health when we consume foods that we aren’t designed to eat.   
  2. Grass-fed beef is more nutritious!  Naturally higher in Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Vitamin A, Vitamin E and CLA, and contains less fat per serving. 
  3. All natural---free of antibiotics and hormones. 
  4. Animals are allowed to be animals.  They are allowed to graze the land and are raised using sustainable farming practices versus the alternative of being confined and crammed in feedlots. 
  5. Food Safety benefits.  Because of their environment and quality diet, they are less likely to contract food-borne illnesses. 
  6. It doesn’t taste like grass.

As if these benefits weren’t enough, I often hear from my clients is that it just tastes better!   But for the health of the animal and for the quality of the product, the grass is definitely greener on this side.

Look for the grass-fed marked products (ground beef, rounds and steaks) in your grocery store, or even better, purchase from a local cattle company or farmer that follows these practices.  Make your focus this week to not only find these solutions but then to purchase and substitute for all beef-related products in your house hold and in your diet.   

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