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DTOX Program Classes 

Program Overview:

The D.TOX Program will provide resources that help participants engage in a foundation of cleaner eating, stress management and the right activity to lose weight and support their internal detoxification system

Once you sign up, you’ll get access to the following:

  • 3 telephonic classes over the course of 3 weeks
    • Held on Mondays starting July 25th at 12 pm PST/3 pm EST
    • Classes will be recorded and participants will be sent a replay link in case they can’t listen to it live
  • Program materials including:
    • Approve and Not Approve Food Lists
    • Your Staples Grocery List
    • Virtual Grocery Store Tour Videos
    • Meal Plan
    • Food Recipes
    • Shake Recipes
  • Access to Coach Anika and the D.TOX Team via email for extra accountability and motivation through coaching

The D.TOX Program Kit can be purchased to help enhance results by providing participants with shakes that can be substituted for meals and provide the body ample protein and detoxification nutrients that help support the body’s internal detoxification system. 

Program Classes:

Class 1:  July 25, 2016

Check out below to hear from Anika and Amber on "Understanding Week 1 of D.TOX". 

Class 2:  Replay will be posted on August 1st

Class 2:  Replay will be posted on August 8th


Why Our Grandparents Never Had to Diet

We all seem to have had that one spunky elderly relative that stays fully independent into their later years. You know the one who stops caring about being socially appropriate, and yes, seems to eat whatever they want — while staying within 10 pounds of their high school weight from 70 years ago. Contrast with today’s “freshman 15” college weight gain struggle, stubborn baby weight that continues to linger even when the babies aren’t babies anymore, beer belly woes, and menopausal (or for men, andropausal) weight frustrations. What gives?

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Farmers Market

What should you consider prior to shopping local?  Julie Brown weighs in on the considerations you should have (along with the questions to ask!) when shopping at the Farmers Market this summer.


7 Foods Always in a Dietitian's Refrigerator

“Well you’re a dietitian! What do YOU eat?!” While I am a dietitian, I’m by no means a professional chef. My motto is to keep eating healthy simple, easy, and sustainable—for both financial and habitual purposes. One of the best ways to help ensure this is by keeping a stocked refrigerator that ensures healthy options are accessible. Check out these seven items that can always be found in my fridge, and why!

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How To Double or Even Triple The Amount Of Fat You Burn During Exercise

There is no one size fits all, no magic pill, and no top secret exercise when it comes to exercising for weight loss and fitness.  And unfortunately, there’s a lot of theories around exercise that simply create confusion and frustration for people like you.

Many people make theory-based lifestyle and exercise choices that have basically locked up their extra stored fat in their fat cells, making it useless for energy.  The only way you can lose fat is if you use fat. You’ll be unsuccessful at losing fat if you don’t burn fat, even if you eat fewer Calories and burn more Calories through exercise.  You can lose weight, but most of the loss will come from water or muscle tissue, not fat.

Life Time has now developed a FREE online educational series that teaches you the facts and exposes the theories surrounding fat burning exercise.  We’ll introduce you to Life Time’s fat burning formula and teach you about our proprietary exercise assessment that helps us personalize your workouts.  You’ll learn how, when, and why to implement different types and intensities of exercise into your routine so that you burn fat and not just time.

Our next FREE program begins August 8th and you can join us by signing up below.

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Cinnamon Chai Energy Balls

Generation UCAN has been a lifesaver this summer. I have used it to supplement my triathlon training and it truly has done wonders for my energy levels during the actual workout and recovery. Not surprising since clinical studies using the product have indicated that it keeps blood glucose levels more stable and also puts the body into an improved fat burning state. As an endurance athlete who needs to keep blood sugars from dropping out and prevent that dreaded “bonk,” you can understand why this product has been so awesome for me.

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5 Meal Prep Hacks for the Time-Starved (or Lazy) Individual

“Got no time?”

The average American doesn’t. Our fast paced lives often call for convenience. And with long work hours and long commutes, comes sacrificing time for prepping healthy meals in the kitchen.

After working with thousands of individuals through one-on-one nutrition coaching, I’ve found that the biggest misrepresentation of eating healthy is that it takes countless hours of preparation and cooking.

But meal prep doesn’t have to be that complicated.

When I talk with my clients and share some of my tricks (below) that get me through meal prep for the week (without spending hours in my kitchen), I’m often met with their relief of how easy and doable it is.

Check out a few of my go-to meal hacks so you can start healthy eating today. And – the best part is, the more you practice, the less you have to think about them as they often become habitual and regular staples for each and every week.

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