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8 Ideal Foods You’re Not Eating

You know the general guidelines for the Healthy Way of Eating, but how can you maximize the good you get out of every meal?

The answer can be the specific foods you choose.

Some foods naturally have more nutritional bang for the buck so to speak. Let these “ideal” choices help you optimize your nutrient intake and health gains!

I challenge you to add at least one of the following (if not all!) to your healthy eating regimen and reap the benefits.

Whether you’re just beginning your weight loss/health journey or you’ve been committed for years, these eight foods can offer a boost to your everyday efforts.


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7 Fitness Classes for Stress Relief

Do you use fitness for stress relief?

Keeping a consistent fitness routine should be part of everyone’s stress management plan! I can say from personal experience that when life interferes with my exercise schedule, I immediately feel more stressed, out of control and cluttered.

On those days when stress takes its toll, many of us might feel like skipping the gym. Yet, there are many fitness classes that can actually help relieve that same stress now.

Below are some of my favorites offered at Life Time. I encourage my clients to attend them on a regular basis to maintain an everyday stress management program. Even if you’ve never visited any of these classes, however, I would recommend them as go-to options any day when stress is weighing you down!


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10 Truths of Healthy Habit Change 

What do you think it takes to really overhaul your habits?

From a rational perspective, we'd assume it just requires the realization that different choices are in our best interest.

We'd assume it just takes intention - and maybe an updated grocery list. Throw in a gym membership, and you have the basics, yes?

Not exactly. Actual change has much more to do with our internal settings than our external environment.

Read on for more about the psychological process of behavior change, the investment that becomes habit and the unexpected elements that make or break our goals.


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How to Eat More Vegetables

Question of the day: are you eating enough vegetables? 

If you’re like the average American, you aren’t.  Truth be told, most people even know they fall short of the daily recommendations!

The results are serious business, however.

When you shortchange your diet on vegetables, you’re missing out on a host of different vitamins, minerals and nutrients that have a dramatic impact on your metabolism and overall health.

With spring in the air, it’s the perfect time to reconsider your intake. Not only does the beginning of spring get us thinking about new goals, but it’s the perfect time to begin taking advantage of the spring and summer harvests ahead.  


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How-To Fitness: What to Do with 10 Minutes

Maybe it's about running short on time. Perhaps it’s about adding to your daily exercise investment.

Whatever the case, when we find ourselves with a few strategic minutes, we can do more than kill time on our phones.

How about fitting in more movement - even an intense, albeit brief, round of cardio or resistance work instead?

While we should be shooting for several hours of overall workout time each week, how we divide that is up to us. Ultimately, it’s not about the length of each workout but the full extent of our fitness commitment.

In the midst of that overall goal, ten minutes matters. Let’s look at several ideas for making that happen. 


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Can Body Therapies Boost Your Weight Loss Journey? 

When was the last time you had a massage - or other form of bodywork?

An increasing number of people are embracing hands-on therapies as part of their health and wellness routines.

Long gone are the days when massage was simply seen as a form of pampering. According to the American Massage Therapy Association, 91% of surveyed consumers view massage as beneficial to health and wellness. Seventy-four percent, in fact, believe it should be a form of healthcare.

Although therapeutic massage might be one of the most commonly sought after body therapies, other popular forms include chiropractic care, reflexology and acupuncture.  


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Shining the Light on Night Eating  

How many of us find ourselves gravitating toward the kitchen each evening?

Do we know what we’re seeking out? How often do we forage for something to fill us - or maybe just distract us?

While the majority of our days are often busy and regimented, the openness of our evening hours can be a trap for temptation. Our willpower seemed enough in the light of day, but something else edges out that control after dinner.

While many of us feel this pull and indulge in after dinner eating, when does it become a problem for our weight loss - or even basic health? When does night eating move from bothersome inclination to clinical problem? 


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