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Eat This, Not That: Healthier Carb Substitutes

Early in your healthy eating journey, it’s not uncommon to rely heavily on familiar foods - foods that you’re comfortable with and that happen to fit your new eating parameters.

Take a single day in your new eating routine, for example. At breakfast, scrambled eggs with a side of avocado are great tasting, familiar and filling. Grilled chicken salad works well for an at-work lunch. Baked tilapia with steamed broccoli make for a quick and easy dinner option that can be seasoned for added flavor. No doubt, that’s a healthy day of eating!

Extrapolate that day’s worth of healthy meals into a week or two (or a month), however, and you’re sure to run into “meat and veggie” burnout. (And you thought it was just you....)

If you find yourself pining for variety or missing your favorite foods,  stop now and release the guilt. (Doesn't that feel good?) You have so many more options than you might think! Are you ready for some new healthy menu choices? Check out these “eat this, not that” alternatives for instant mealtime inspiration. 


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8 Ways to Prevent Weekend Backslide

Universal truth: the weekend always seems like the perfect opportunity to really live out all of our healthy aims.

We’ll sleep in, we tell ourselves. We’ll have more time to exercise or to cook healthy meals. Finally, we’ll have the chance to kick back and de-stress!

Yet, how often does the reality end up matching the intention? Weekends are actually the toughest times for some of my clients.

For many, it's the lack of routine. For some, it's the lack of free time because their schedules end up even more crammed than their work weeks are. Others struggle with the predicable pitfalls of weekend socializing. Whatever the reason, none of us want to surrender our work week gains to the hazards of a Saturday-Sunday backslide!

With that in mind, let's consider 8 unconventional ideas to ward off a weekend meltdown....


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7 Laws of Fat Loss

What does it take to succeed at fat loss?

So often, people begin a weight loss journey on a whim, simply grativating to the activities and choices that worked for them years ago or that others seem to be using. 

In weight loss, however, our objective is to shift our body composition toward lean mass. This requires much more than trying the latest fad, taking a heavily marketed pill, or even eating less and exercising more. We do well in this case to actually understand the laws of fat loss physiology.

Read on for the essential laws that govern our body's ability to shed fat.  


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8 Ways You Rob Yourself of Energy Every Day

Are midday yawns a part of your day? Do you need a caffeinated beverage (or two) to get you through your day?

One of the most popular goals people cite for lifestyle change is more energy! The sad fact is, most of us go through too many days exhausted and burned out. We're unable to get through an afternoon without some sort of artificial boost and even then feel drained by evening when we want to enjoy our family and personal time.

If you feel like your energy tank could use a boost, consider that some of your daily habits might be robbing your energy stores dry! Check out these top eight energy robbers I see in my clients and learn what you can do to keep your energy going strong.


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5 Healthy 15-Minute Meals

What's the number one reason you choose unhealthy foods?

If you're like most people, you look for a certain degree of convenience in your day. With busy schedules, many of us come to depend on efficiency. 

While adopting a Healthy Way of Eating often obliges us to switch out our shopping lists and learn new recipes, it doesn't require we spend all day in the kitchen!

Check out these 15-minute meal options that prove you can have health - and convenience, too.


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10 Health Hacks for the Week Ahead

The fact is, living a healthy lifestyle isn’t always convenient. 

Changing habits and incorporating additional commitments into busy schedules can mean we're pressed from every side. Yet, the benefits in health, energy and fat loss make every effort well worth it.

Still, how can we make our processes more efficient, more streamlined and strategically designed to allow us the biggest benefit for our investments? 

Check out these ten tactics that will save you time, effort and attention every week - and learn more about how small shifts can hack your body's ability to absorb optimum advantages!


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Making the Body a Better Fat Burner: An Introduction

In the battle for weight loss, calorie counting is one of the most popular methods, but it's not the only element (or even the most effective strategy) for achieving successful weight loss.

The fact is, a variety of physical and lifestyle factors influence the body’s ability to shed excess body fat. This begs the million dollar question: what are those conditions that encourage the body to burn fat over carbohydrates - and thereby allow us to shift our body composition?

Over a series of articles, we’ll look at the many ways we can positively or negatively impact our ability to burn fat and shed extra weight.

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