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We know the science behind weight loss.

Every Life Time Weight Loss program is built specifically for you. That’s because every program at Life Time begins with a myMetabolicProfileSM assessment. This profile identifies areas of concern that may get in the way of your weight loss. After this assessment you’ll choose a plan based on your specific needs and lifestyle. One size doesn’t fit all, particularly when it comes to weight loss plans. That’s why we get results that are more than just short-term; we put you on the path toward achieving and maintaining a healthy weight for a lifetime.

We offer programs ranging from pre-packaged to completely custom. Or you can choose weekly Healthy Living Challenges. These informal gatherings allow small groups to meet with a Nutrition Coach and discuss various topics or concerns for the week in a casual setting. Talk to a trainer for help determining which program is right for you.

With your unique metabolic profile, our experts will create your own personal plan to lose weight. See How It Works

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8 Ways to Branch Out at the Gym 

Think for a minute about where you spend your gym time.

What areas, machines or rooms do you frequent? What tools do you use? How much of the overall facility do these encompass? Finally, how long have you been limiting yourself to this circuit? 

The fact is, Life Time members literally have hundreds, if not thousands, of different equipment pieces, classes and other offerings to choose from. The concept behind this variety, of course, is to ignite interest and maximize workout productivity.

The tough thing, however, is that we're creatures of habit. We find our groove in life and often get stuck there. The same applies at the gym. This pattern can lead to plateaus and frustration, but a few tweaks can change your outlook on your current regimen. Expanding your fitness horizons will inevitably boost your enthusiasm – and your workout productivity. Consider these several ways to branch out at the club today.


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What’s Different about 100lbs+ Weight Loss

Would you have what it takes to persevere through this extraordinary a weight loss journey?

Does the number of pounds we lose merely translate into added time, or is there something more to the experience?

While anyone who’s lost weight can identify with the personal commitment, the physical challenges and the mental roller coaster of the process, I’ve worked with clients who have achieved this remarkable feat. Over time, I’ve learned that their journeys tend to take on additional dimensions - unique features that figure more prominently into what one client called the “storyline” of his experience. Are you looking to lose 100+ pounds? Are you supporting someone who is? No matter what your weight loss goal, read on to learn more about the factors (and insights!) that figure into major weight loss journeys.


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Ultimate Guide to Greens

Truth time: how many greens do you get in your daily diet? 

I'll venture a guess and say that many of us grew up with either very limited exposure to true greens or with dishes that didn't appeal to our childhood taste. 

Fast forward to today, and too many of us are missing out on the hefty nutritional advantages and unappreciated flavor we can gain from going a little greener. Not only are these leafy-greens low in calories, but they provide a slew of health benefits. All this said, how do we choose from the abundant variety? What are the differences, and how can we best prepare each type? See below for my top recommendations along with cooking and serving suggestions!


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Why Your Routine Isn’t Getting Results

When you get up the motivation to begin a health journey, you're ready for results.

In fact, you're likely tired of the way you've been living for a while - feeling out of shape, carrying extra pounds....

Unfortunately, our routines don't always meet with our immediate expectations. Maybe we even find ourselves sidetracked after enjoying some initial success. What gives?

While we should expect a certain ebb and flow in our progress, sometimes it becomes clear that we've stalled out along the way. Whether we're in a motivational rut or hit a physiological plateau, figuring out what's not working for us is the first step in rebooting our process. Read on to see which of these problems may be slowing or blocking your success. 


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What Your Doctor Isn’t Telling You about Diabetes

In a few years, it may appear completely normal to have diabetes.

You read that correctly – it’s likely you won’t be normal (in the sense of average) unless you’re being treated for diabetes (or pre-diabetes). The scariest part? Your kids may be in the highest risk category for this new “normal.”

Diabetes is a disease state in which the body cannot regulate blood glucose concentrations by normal physiologic processes.

There are two main types of the disease – type 1 being the less common variety characterized by the inability to produce a key hormone to regulate blood sugar (insulin), and the more common type 2 characterized by abnormal blood sugars due to insulin resistance (and eventual loss of the ability to produce enough insulin). Type 3 diabetes is a more recent term proposed to describe altered glucose metabolism in the brain, which seems closely related to the development and progression of Alzheimer’s disease.


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7 Mental Hurdles Beginners Face

It can take a lot for someone to walk through our doors for the first time, a lot to approach the dietitian and fitness professionals’ desk, a lot to venture a major lifestyle change. I’ve seen it. I know the looks on people’s faces when they’re lost in the weight training areas, when they’re surveying the products on the shelves with questions they’re not ready to ask yet, when they’re moving around the club wondering if anyone in that room feels like they do right now. And I imagine them at home looking in the refrigerator or at the grocery store deliberating whether they’ll resist making the same unhealthy choices or attempt something new. Some of the hurdles we face when beginning a health journey are physical. We have chronic conditions, pain or low fitness levels. Other barriers are mental but, in some ways, feel just as formidable. What insecurities and excuses have you heard yourself or others say in transitioning to a healthy way of life? Read on to see which ones I’ve heard most frequently - and enjoyed watching clients overcome!


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How Often Should I Exercise?

It seems like such a simple question, but the answer is far more complex than we assume. When club members ask me this, they’re often frustrated by the necessary response: “It depends.” Given that exercise is such a key component to health, a basic formula here would be convenient, but recommended frequency can vary based on everything from particular goal to health condition or even other lifestyle behaviors. In truth, the best routine correlates with a full composite picture and not a single consideration. For today, we’ll examine some of the most common factors that influence optimum frequency and sample regimens geared toward those scenarios.


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