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5 Early Warning Signs Prior to Hitting a Weight Loss Plateau

“Well, that’s a red flag.” Whether it’s a telemarketer promoting an unasked-for free trial of a product, a too-good-to-be-true money making scheme on your social media feed, or, more critically, tightness in your chest preceding a potential heart attack, most of us are wired with a thread or two of preemptive perception to life’s most obvious warning signs.

But what about your fitness and fat loss quest? While your plan may be cruising along, are there signs that you are heading into a phase of scale-stopping, performance-plummeting frustration?

Read on to learn about five ways that your body is warning you of an impending plateau — and how to shift gears to cruise right past it.

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Strawberry Truffles

One of my favorite kitchen hacks is making yummy, easy, non-smoothie recipes out of my favorite protein powders.  While most convenient snacks are highly processed and loaded with added sugars, this awesome, protein-rich treat uses only 5 ingredients and will take you less than ten minutes. What are you waiting for?

If you’re like me and my toddler and love desserts, these strawberry truffles will not only provide you better nourishment, but amazing taste and flavor! 

This recipe uses our newest flavor of our Grass-fed Whey Protein that’s become my newest go-to for a portable snack or breakfast option (my toddler loves it too!). Make sure you check this one out if you are looking for a new option in your meal or snack rotation.  Enjoy!

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7 Ways to Use that Jar of Coconut Oil

Only seven?  Just seven ways to use your jar of coconut oil? That was the trickiest part of this blog post; trying to figure out how to keep this list condensed! A quick internet search of coconut oil will populate hundreds of uses for this amazing product, which may be why you initially purchased that jar and are now rather perplexed as to what to actually use it for. Well, contemplate no more. These seven uses are some of my tried-and-true all time favorites. But it seems each week I find a new way to use it, especially when you consider all the homemade recipes you can make from coconut oil. For now, I’ll stick to just the straight up uses, no homemade concoctions necessary. Just coconut oil, and therefore no reason to keep ignoring that jar on your shelf. 

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Sunrise Smoothie Bowl

 The smoothie bowl is a fresh take on breakfast that we can't get over - too many possibilities!  With the launch of our newest whey protein flavor, we challenged Hanna (our resident recipe expert and dieititan)to come up with her latest conconction below.  If you are looking for a new and tasty breakfast option - you'll want to check out below!       

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5 Weight Loss Tips That Have Nothing To Do With Food

Are you not yet ready or willing to change your diet in order to lose weight?  Or perhaps, you’ve already made great effort there but are considering that there are other things holding you back from success.  Although nutrition tends to be the hardest thing to change for most individuals on a weight loss journey, there are other key areas that need effort in order to have a successful outcome.  Early in my career as a dietitian, I’d have my clients solely focus on the food they were putting in their mouths.  But I’ve learned over the years that implementing these five tips below, not only stemmed better results for them, but also in turn, improved their eating habits without them even focusing on it.  Check out my top five weight loss tips that have nothing to do with food – you’ll want to start implementing them as soon as possible!   

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Smoothie Bowl

If you are keeping up with social feeds and posts, you’ve probably noted that smoothie bowls are all the rage right now!  A sister or close cousin to our friend, the protein shake, this breakfast or snack option can be a great way to spice up any healthy-eating fatigue you may be experiencing and is a great way to slow us down – as it requires you to eat with a spoon versus solely just slurping it down with a straw.

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Fit Talks Podcast: How Stress Can Ruin Your Metabolism

Is stress getting in the way of your weight loss efforts? Join Anika and Paul as they talk through the impact stress has on your metabolism (and your health) and why it’s something you need to address now.