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Healthy Kitchen: Chocolate Peppermint Shake

What is it about this time of year that makes us crave peppermint everything? Food companies and coffee shops are onto this, pumping out tasty (and not so healthy) treats in every peppermint variety.

But don’t let those commercial concoctions sabotage your health goals. Get your fix with this tasty recipe below!

This recipe uses our signature Chocolate VeganMax Protein powder – one of my all-time favorite powders because it is both allergen-free and made from plant proteins.



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Top 10 Holiday Health Strategies

When clients share what events or seasons tend to trip them up, most inevitably mention the holidays.

As fun as the festivities are, the jumbled schedules, bigger to-do lists and constant eating-focused events are a lot to contend with.

Whether it’s the slew of parties, the ever present sweets in the break room or the less than healthy family/social dinners, it can be a challenge to keep up the same eating and workout plan (and maybe even sleep schedule!).

How can you enjoy the holidays - and stay on track health-wise? Check out these top ten strategies for making the most of the holiday season with health goals intact. 

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Fit Video: 3 Tips to Shake Up Your Treadmill Routine

Is your treadmill workout putting you to sleep before you even begin? Join certified personal trainer, Reed, for three great ideas to get you motivated to move!




What Role Should Grains Play in Your Diet?

They’ve been a common staple for many of us - perhaps throughout our lives. Cereal, toast or oatmeal for breakfast. Sandwiches for lunch. Rolls or rice with dinner. Popcorn, crackers or pretzels as a late evening snack. The list could easily go on…. 

So, what’s with the sudden controversy around these particular carbs? 

From nutrition guidelines that suggest several servings of “whole grains" each day to popular diets that forgo grains altogether, the question of how much to eat - or whether to eat them - maybe doesn’t feel as clear as it used to.

Let’s take apart the question by looking at what constitutes "whole grain," what’s behind the current recommendations for grain intake, and how we can make the right decision about the role of grains in our Healthy Way of Eating plan. 

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6 Barriers to Body Fat Loss

There's no denying it. A weight loss journey can feel like a formidable undertaking.

It shuttles us through an often surprising process of emotional, behavioral and physical change.

We take on the tasks of learning more about our bodies' needs for optimal health, of implementing new habits that support our metabolic functioning, of exploring what influences (or even people!) both help and hinder our goals.

As complex as the physical picture of fat loss can be, however, the fulcrum of our success is oftentimes our psychological experience.

Understanding our personal challenges means identifying what trips us up and applying the best strategies to address each concern. Below are 6 of the most common "behavioral" barriers that hamper body fat loss.


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Protein Intake for Strength Training Gains

We know that strength training is key for maintaining and building muscle mass, but the best benefits come when these fitness endeavors are matched with appropriate nutrition adjustments.

This includes the addition of extra protein.

But even that's only the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

How much protein do we really need? And when is it best timed with our workouts?

Check out the answers to these questions and more as Paul unpacks the appropriate role of protein in a strength training program and the specifics that research suggests regarding optimum dose and timing. 


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8 Reasons You’re Regaining Weight

I see it all the time - individuals who experience wonderfully successful weight loss transformations who, in turn, regain some (or even all) of their lost weight back. 

It’s a topic every weight loss coach and his/her client should have, yet most individuals I’ve connected with who’ve lost weight in the past confess they never had a plan for what to do after they reached their goal.  

With this in mind, let me share a cardinal truth: behind every great weight loss plan is an even better weight maintenance plan. 

Why is weight regain so common? Check out these eight reasons I see most often, along with tips for sustaining your success.


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