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7 Signs of Nutritional Deficiencies

Have you ever thought about what your hair, skin, and nails may be telling you?

Most of us at some point in time have experienced at least one of the following: dry and brittle hair, hair loss, oily skin, dry and scaly skin, rashes, acne, brittle cracking nails, or nail discoloration.

What do you do? Most often, we seek out new hair, skin, and nail products to cover up the nasty appearance or start using a new magical formula that promises to correct what’s wrong. We mask the symptom but skip the investigation into WHAT is causing it in the first place.

Today I’ll uncover seven common nutritional deficiencies and their physical signs. I’ll also share ways to discern the “root” cause and steps to re-balance your body from the inside to optimize your health on the outside!

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8 Mistakes in Your Night Routine

We all know how important sleep is to our metabolism and health, yet many of us continue to struggle with getting enough quality rest every night.

We make excuses about work we need to do or distractions we get lost in.

Just as with eating and exercising, making sleep happen takes planning and prioritizing. We organize our lives around what it takes to create a healthy diet. Likewise, we need to put sleep front and center each evening.

Assessing our routines is key in that process. What can we do to optimize our chance of getting to bed on time - and enjoying quality sleep once we’re there?

In order to get to the “shoulds,” let’s look at the obstacles. Below are eight common mistakes you might be making that sabotage your sleep - and health. 

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12 Spring Fitness Challenges - for Every Exerciser

Spring is often the perfect time to take up a new exercise goal. The weather is better, which means there's more incentive to be out and active. 

Why not seize the new beginning with a personal fitness challenge?

More than a regular exercise routine, a challenge pushes us to train for a particular performance goal and offers that rewarding finish line effect. 

This time of year you'll find all kinds of events that serve as challenges - or you can create your own using nearly any kind of exercise.

Choose the perfect challenge for you to reinvigorate a stagnant fitness routine or to kick off a new level of performance - all while adding fun and competition to the mix! Check out these 12 challenge ideas that span the full fitness spectrum.


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4 Misleading Food Industry Claims 

They say real, whole foods don’t need to be labeled healthy.

On the other side of the spectrum, of course, are the splashy health claims of processed food products.

We’ve all seen them in grocery stores and media advertisements. As positive and conspicuous as these messages appear on package labels, the fact is they promise health benefits that clearly defy the ingredients listed in small print.

The claims themselves run a wide gamut, but let me highlight a few of the most common and offer the proverbial “more to the story” behind each. 


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The Happiness and Health Connection: Part 1

Happiness is not something ready made.  It comes from your own actions. – Dalai Lama

Optimal health is something most of us strive for - whether we're trying to look the part or extend our lifespan.

We work out hard, try to eat right, get enough sleep and take enough steps each day - all in the name of health. 

But are you making happiness part of your health routine?

Growing research associates happiness with physical as well as psychological well-being, showing that people who are happy live longer, ward off more disease, and even battle a cold faster. 


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"Low Carb" Living: What Can It Do for You? 

When you read the term “low-carb,” what comes to mind? 

Do you automatically flash to the Atkins Diet – the most popular, virtually no-carb “fad” diet that’s been around for nearly fifty years? Does it bring you back to those first dreadful weeks of your South Beach Diet foray?

Perhaps “low-carb” makes you think of portion control or boring meals of blandly baked chicken with a sad little iceberg salad topped with low-fat dressing.

If so, you might ask yourself - is this as good as low-carb gets? (Spoiler alert: the answer is no.) 



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5 Tips for Weight Loss Journaling

What comes to mind when you think of a weight loss journal?

A succession of photos? A food log? Calorie calculations? Daily reflections? Goal visions? A compendium of successes and setbacks along the way?

The truth is, a weight loss journal can be anything you want it to be. Above all, however, it should be a positive resource that helps you strategize for success.

In the midst of your daily workouts and meal planning, a weight loss journal encourages you to take time to connect with yourself, your behavior patterns, and your developing strengths.

Over time, it becomes a record of discovery - discovery of what thinking motivates you, of what strategies work for you, and of what vision directs your new, healthy life. 


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