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We know the science behind weight loss.

Every Life Time Weight Loss program is built specifically for you. That’s because every program at Life Time begins with a myMetabolicProfileSM assessment. This profile identifies areas of concern that may get in the way of your weight loss. After this assessment you’ll choose a plan based on your specific needs and lifestyle. One size doesn’t fit all, particularly when it comes to weight loss plans. That’s why we get results that are more than just short-term; we put you on the path toward achieving and maintaining a healthy weight for a lifetime.

We offer programs ranging from pre-packaged to completely custom. Or you can choose weekly Healthy Living Challenges. These informal gatherings allow small groups to meet with a Nutrition Coach and discuss various topics or concerns for the week in a casual setting. Talk to a trainer for help determining which program is right for you.

With your unique metabolic profile, our experts will create your own personal plan to lose weight. See How It Works

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8 Workouts for an "Unmotivated" Week

Truth be told, our motivation to workout tends to fluctuate. Some days it might be sky high, while other days (or even weeks), it can feel totally flatlined. Motivation dips can be a matter of busy schedules, but it can even ebb and flow with the weather. In my own experience and in my work with clients, this time of year can be especially problematic. With the slew of holiday commitments and the colder temps, there are days when working out can feel next to impossible. When my clients start experiencing a motivation slump, I have them pull out the list below to help give them direction. Sometimes it's just a matter of perspective and a few key strategies to get re-inspired and moving again!

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You Are Your Greatest Obstacle

Pursuing a healthy way of life is no easy task, especially if it hasn’t been a priority for much of your life. As you start treading down the path toward health, the biggest obstacle you will encounter is yourself. Of the ten-plus years I’ve been with Life Time, the majority of them were working in the club as a personal trainer or in some type of personal training management. During that time, I did hundreds, if not thousands of consultations. I’d talk about goals and obstacles and action plans with those who were ready to take their first steps toward health. As I spoke to individuals about their way forward, some people were excited and ready to go. Not everyone though. For those who weren’t eager to start on their healthy way of life journey, I was often met with one of three reactions. Though it wasn’t spoken in so few words, they would tell me “I can’t,” “I won’t” or “I’m afraid to try.”

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10 Actions You Can Take Today for Better Heart Health

My grandmother died from a stroke. Her death left a huge impact on me.

Whenever I’m asked to share my family medical history, it’s a reminder of not only why she left this earth, but also what’s in my genes. Many of my clients share a similar journey. They’ve lost a close family member to cardiovascular disease and want to do anything and everything to avoid that outcome for themselves.

Heart disease affects 65 million Americans. It’s a sobering statistic. Even if you have a family history of cardiovascular disease, however, you don’t have to let your genes dictate your future. Instead, you can use this knowledge as motivation to pursue a healthy, prevention-minded lifestyle.

Want to support your heart health? Below are 10 actions you can start or continue today.


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Mistakes behind the Most Common Gym Injuries 

“Hmm…that exercise looks like it’s working for that person. Maybe I should try it.” 

Have you found yourself saying this at the gym? Sometimes watching others’ workouts opens up whole new directions in our fitness. We discover new interests. We become willing to push ourselves in new ways.

On the flip side of this coin, however, we may not appreciate the distance between where we’re at and where that other person is. We can easily underestimate the time and training that have gone into his/her current abilities or not understand how a particular exercise fits into his/her larger program. As a result, we may put unreasonable – and sometimes dangerous – expectations on ourselves.

As a corrective exercise specialist, I have seen quite the variety of injuries, most of which were entirely preventable given proper knowledge and instruction. Every body is unique: this point should be a guiding principle for our individual fitness paths. Check out these top considerations we can glean from the majority of gym injuries.


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What You Should Know about Resistant Starch 

Not everything you know about starch is necessarily correct. 

With regard to starch, our minds tend to wander to those blood sugar spikes, the insulin overload, and the inevitable energy crashes - not to mention their ability to stop efficient fat loss dead in its tracks.

For starchy carbs, these associations would be mostly correct - albeit incomplete. There's more to the story, it seems.

Consider for a moment that one kind of starch may be a boon to your gut health and perhaps even an aid to your weight loss endeavors.

Enter the concept of resistant starch. What is it, how does it work, and what could it offer you? Read on to find out more.


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10 “Hard Truth” Health Indicators 

How many ways do you measure your health?

 Our annual physicals are, indeed, essential. They offer us a basic check-in on certain numbers. Nonetheless, there’s so much more to the story than what standard tests gauge that I encourage my clients to look deeper with additional assessments.

When we’re interested in getting a sense of where we’re at health-wise and what kind of progress we’re making (or not making), certain numbers simply tell us more. In some cases, that means more detail around the basics. In other cases, it means examining additional dimensions that conventional screening doesn’t cover.

Many of these added assessments don’t cost anything. In fact, one you can even do before you finish reading this article. Check out ten health indicators that offer a clearer picture of your current health status.


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8 Staples for Everyday Healthy Eating

When it comes to healthy eating, one of the most common perceived barriers that I see people struggle with is in fact time.

At times, eating falls under the “how can I check it off most quickly?” category.

The good news is that healthy eating can be simple and efficient. While there’s no doubt that cooking every meal from scratch would be ideal and provide the most variety, it’s possible to simplify your nutrition with a couple of key strategies that don’t involve resorting to chemical-laden meals out of a box.

Read on for eight of my favorite nutrition “basics” to help you stay on track with your healthy eating goals all while managing the mayhem of an everyday week.


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